Fun Monday: A Day In The Life Of Lotta

Enidd wanted us to write a day in our lives for Fun Monday. I picked a super ordinary day in the life so I won't be offended if you want to skip ahead and read about Apples and Feces.

3:30 AM - Wake up to the sound of daughter crying. Try to fake being asleep till husband nudges me. Get up to put pacifier in her mouth. Go back to bed.

5:45 AM - Wake up because son has crawled into bed with us while we slept and is doing ninja circles in his sleep. Beg husband to move son over to his side of the bed. Poke husband in the butt crack until he flips son over to his side of the bed while mumbling curses at me.

7:45 AM - Wake up to son's cold toes digging down the back of my pajama pants to get warm. Yell, "What the heck dude?!" Son cries, I comfort him and we fall back asleep together.

8:07 AM - Husband walks in the bedroom to inform me that he's off to work and the kids are now mine. Cry a little inside. Plunk the kids in front of the TV to watch Curious George and Clifford while I eat breakfast and get dressed.

8:30 AM - Do dishes, make beds, tidy house while kids play.

8:55 AM - Haul ass to preschool. Try to keep daughter awake during the next two hours so that she doesn't fall asleep right when it's time to pick up son at school. Buy random crap at Target.

11:00 AM - Pick up son from preschool, fend off demands that I produced a juice box NOW. Laugh to myself as I imagine him as a minature James Brown demanding to be fanned on his way off the stage. Get strange looks from other preschool mothers.

11:30 AM - Feed kids hot dogs for lunch. Cut them up real small and tell son to come get me if daughter chokes. Go blog.

11:55 AM - Call Carol, forgetting that she is trying to get her daughter on to the afternoon kindergarten bus. Kvetch. Work on the computer. Blog. Clean.

2:00 PM - Go to Lifetime Fitness. Check the kids in. Work out for 30 minutes. Spend another hour sloooowly getting ready and reading US in the gym's cafe.

3:45 PM - Go to a park, the store, it doesn't matter - I'm burning daylight at this point till husband comes home.

5:15 PM - Snacks, playing, cleaning the house. Again. Remake beds that son unmade playing pirate ship. Start dinner.

6:30 PM - Eat dinner.

7:00 PM - Turn kids over to husband and blog, watch TV and read. He puts daughter to bed.

8:30 PM - Read son a story, feed his fish, put him to bed.

8:35, 8:40 & 8:45 PM - Put son to bed. Eventually threaten to cancel all future visits to grandparents if he doesn't go to sleep.

9:00 PM - Pick up house, again. Plan day, read and watch TV and talk with husband.

9:45 PM - Sex if I managed to shower, otherwise random puttering.

10:15 PM - Watch the King of Queens, read during commercials. Or sneak downstairs and blog.

11:30 PM - Check the kids, feel guilty about feeding them hot dogs for the fourth lunch in a row. Curl up to husband. Kiss him. Pray. Sleep.


ChrisB said...

You pack a lot into your day. I absolutely love the apple story and LOL would love to know what happened next!!

enidd said...

that brought a wry smile to enidd's face. it's nice to read another honest account of an average day :-)

min said...

You make it sound so easy! Are you that woman "SuperMom" that I've heard so much about? I thought you were fictional!

jakelliesmom said...

1. Were you watching me? Your day sounds an awful lot like mine - only mine also involves toddler child screaming "pee pee time" when we're at Target, then I have to reason with her to figure if she means that I have to go or she does.

2. That is one short preschool "day."

3. You went to the gym? That's awesome.

4. And your husband came home early - that's nice.

5. Oh, the other part that doesn't sound like my day - I curl up with the dog. Husband is usually asleep before me and dog sleeps between us.

Beccy said...

That sounds like a good day to me, I love spending time with my kids. I also try to fit in bits of blogging when I have a spare few minutes and the computer is free!

Lotta said...

Chrisb - Me too!

Enid - Though I realize I left out the medication taking and weeping into my teeshirt.

Min - No, I'm the unshowered, unmade up woman running around looking frantic.

Jake - I'm soo putting off potty training daughter for that reason. Amen to the short preschool day. Two freaking hours! Next year he goes 2 1/2 hours so that should give me time to shower. I picked the one day husband actually came home early cause I'm tired of hearing myself complain about that one.

Beccy - Ditto!

mommiebear2 said...

That is me on Saturday and Sunday. I really wanted to blog about this for Fun Monday but since my days are spent at the office, I needed my camera to shed a little light on that situation. Dont you just love Curious George?? ;)

Leeanthro said...

One question: Why are you making beds and picking up so much? There are better things to do. Give yourself a break from those chores.

Don't feel guilty about the hotdogs. We don't eat meat, but don't think every meal is a vegetarian delight. I could write a cookbook on 100 ways to serve macaroni. Ok, there aren't that many, but I bet we eat it 100 times a year!

Lotta said...

Lee - We live in a wee small house and I feel like if it's not tidy then I'm drowning in crap. Note that I don't often clean. I just spend 15 minute chunks of time picking up.

Angelina said...

That is very fly lady of you! I get really panicky when my house is too trashed, but it's just too bad for all of us now that I don't get to continue to stay at home full time. Philip doesn't actually know how to bend over far enough to pick up socks.

When I was home full time my days were just like yours. With lots of little picking up sessions. Lots of tears too. But back then, fun with son was easier and less demanding. Now he wants to sword fight or play spies and I just hate that. How sad.

anyway, I liked reading about your day average day.