MommieBear at Who Cries Over Spilled Milk tagged me for the 3 Things Meme. But because I have ADD I have turned it into the 1 Thing meme. I like MommieBear cause she leaves me nice comments and sells sex toys. You can't beat that kind of combination.

One Thing That Scares Me:

Crayfish. When I went to girl scout camp (Camp Chippewa Bay) it was overrun with crayfish. You couldn't swim without them pinching your toes. And if you stepped on one it would pinch you and then shoot backwards into the sand. Shudder. I rejoice when I see people sucking the brains out of crayfish.

One Person Who Makes Me Laugh:

Carol, sis-in-law/friend. She blows farts in my direction with abandon and never gives me pity looks when I dork out. And she's the first person I call to laugh about how son says "What the heck!?" At preschool and freaks the teacher out.

One Thing I Love:

My family of course!

One Thing I Hate:

Lack of empathy. I don't like when people are limited to their own experiences as a measure of what should or shouldn't be done or felt. Read a book - expand your freaking perspective already.

One Thing I Don't Understand:

How to flirt. Surprising I know. I do enjoy a good sex banter. But I'm hopeless at cute girl flirting. When I watch The Bachelor I bow down to their flirting expertise. They actually work it out ahead of time by planning how to use their "cute hat, scarf" into the date flirt routine. I'm just happy when I don't fall down.

One Thing On My Desk:

Architect Smurf.

One Thing I Am Doing Right Now:

Drinking Diet Dr. Pepper.

One Thing I Want To Do Before I Die:

Travel with my family. A grand adventure trip. Somewhere far flung.

One Thing I Can Do:

Tell my kids how great they are. I screw up daily as a mom but I always tell them I love them and how smart, cool, etc. they are every day. And I'm also a big reader. I go through about 2-3 books a week.

One Thing I Can't Do:

Be on top. I just don't like it. I get bored.

One Thing I Think You Should Listen To:

Your guardian angel. That voice that tells you to take some extra snacks, turn right or double down on blackjack.

One Thing You Should Never Listen To:

That horrible monster in your brain that tells you what a piece of crap you are.

One Thing I'd Like To Learn:

How to write/pitch a book.

One Favorite Food:

Buffalo Wild Wings Medium Wings. I hate the kind of wings that are fried, and BW3's serves them up right. Mmmmm.

One Show I Watched As A Kid:

BJ & The Bear. Oh Bj! Because of you I got my sister to make the universal "blow your horn" arm pull to all the truckers that we passed. Plus I made you play-dough pies and pretended to be your girlfriend.

One Thing I Regret:

Not figuring out my anxiety/depression earlier in life and taking the meds I needed to chill it out. I think because my mother struggled so hard with major depression everything else the rest of the family felt sort of paled by comparison. So it wasn't till I got married and became more separate from my family that I started to figure out that something was up with me.

Three People That I Am Tagging:

You, you and ok you too. Gosh! You don't have to whine about it.


Wendy said...

Suck dem heads and eat those tails. It is crawfish season down here or moreso around Easter.

I thought of having some crawfish, but then the thought of cleaning to smelly kids cure that. Doesnt mean I aint craving some. Although, I could have chased around the girl with a live crawfish. Hmmmm, maybe next year.

mommiebear2 said...

Okay the whole crawfish bit just cracked me up!! You are so unbelievable funny - thanks for doing my meme. :)

mcewen said...

What fun.

Little Monkies said...

i (heart) B.J. and the Bear, too. ;)

Judi said...

Ha... Crawfish! As a hellion third grader in Hawaii...... my best friend and I used to fish them out of their little stinky holes and play with them til they pretty much died. Then we'd stick a stick in their guts and chase cute boys. Now THAT'S flirting Lotta! I got it going on.......... Judi

Michelle said...

I TOTALLY think you should look into that writing-a-book thing. You'd be great, and imagine that feeling of accomplishment. Although nothing is as fullfilling as your kids, right?

Angelina said...

I can't do the one thing you can't do either.

While I figured out the depression anxiety thing pretty young, I also regret having gone 19 years without treatment. Life is so much better now.

Great list.

Lotta said...

Wendy - Too much work I think - give me some crab legs to crack.

Mommie - See, nice comments! Thanks!

Mc - Glad you commented! Thanks so much!

LM - Who wouldn't?

Judi - You. Are my hero.

Michelle - Kids are the best job I ever had (hardest, but best.) Thanks - I am thinking more and more about writing something. I think I might try and have my blog printed out ( and see what in it inspires me to make an outline.

Ang - I know! Plus all your bits are bouncing everwhere. Maybe if I could wear a cumberbund to cover the belly it might be better. I hear you on the depression!

karrie said...

How do you get bored on top? :D

I also regret fighting the idea of meds for so long. What a waste.

Anonymous said...

also keep us posted about where you are on the get paid to blog for a year list! good to hear you hit #5. voting for you every day.

Paige said...

Crawfish are good for you, Lotta.

If you dont believe me, ask Queen of the Mayhem.

Andie said...

you should definitely give eating crawfish a whirl.

I've had them every weekend for at least two months now. LOL

You always make me giggle with your blog entries!