Picture Day: Kitchens, Gamp'as and Bubbles

Nothings hotter than a man putting a kitchen in your minivan! That's right the crappy kitchen is on it's way out! Well sorta. We bought the cabinets and now we're broke. But it's started!

Do you believe an entire kitchen fit into our van? That's the whole dang thing! (Ikea Nexxus Birch, with some sweet aluminum and glass cabinets mixed in.) Of course now I'm mad for budgeting. If husband throws something excessive in the grocery cart I'll yell "Hey, those are the handles for 3 drawers you just wasted!". Bless the dudes heart he's working all weekend (architects are still paid hourly) to get some extra cash to refinish what we think and pray is hardwood under 2 layers of linoleum. But he's actually happier than I've seen him awhile. He loves home projects and we don't always have the cash or time to do them.

Lastly, here's a picture of daughter blowing bubbles with "Gamp'a!". She adores Gamp'a and calls out for him whenever she is forced to do something she doesn't like. Like go in a highchair, or a crib, or just about freaking anything now that she is almost 2.


Little Monkies said...

Congrats, mama! There's nothing like a little somethin' somethin' to make life a little brighter. You have to document and post the transition!

Little Monkies said...

P.S. We thought we had hardwoods too...didn't. Ended up doing cork floors which we really like and are awesome because you can drop anything on them and virtually nothing breaks. And they are naturally warm, too. None of that freezing-ass tile in the chi-town winters!

Nikki said...

Hey, I think you stole my van!

Doing a Homer Simpson drool over Ikea. Mmmmmmm. I love me some flat-packed merchandise. Whenever I go, I am disappointed that I didn't spend more money.

Not that I have any money. Which is why I haven't been to Ikea in forever.

butterfly girl said...

I hope the older guy that fixed your step is still alive. He can finish the kitchen for you later on!

I kid. *L*

And BTW, your not alone with the cavernous hole issue.

yerdoingitwrong said...

Gamp'a and your baby are cute as can be!

Jen said...

Your daughter is beautiful.

leeanthro said...

Ooh, I hope you have hardwood under there (oops, that sounded kind of dirty!).

I hated the carpet in our house. It was only in the living room and hallway and there was hardwood in the bedrooms. I peeked under a corner behind the couch, yeah! I told my husband I wanted to tear up the carpet and he didn't want to for fear of how it would look. I was 8 months pregnant at the time and told him that he could either take it up or he might just come home one day while I was on leave to find it in the middle of our lawn. With my promise that I would live with what it looked like, he tore it up for me.

They really need to be refinished, but that's such a mess (You have to move out for a few days and dust gets *everywhere*). They are waxed wood floors, so its not ideal. But they are 1000% better than that horrible carpet.

So good luck! Let's see pix once you get the linoleum up.