Thanks for your votes man! I'm in fifth place. Sadly the promised "years salary" is only up to $1200, of which the winner gets half. And even more sadly, that's still a lot of money to me so I'm begging for more votes. You can do it everyday, just like taking your meds.

If you didn't hear Future MILF tees and buttons are now for sale! And no, they are not in Etsy cause I can't knit and shit. But they are up at CafePress. 3 people have bought them already so be sure not get left behind this red hot trend.

Lastly, I found Alphadogma's blog today. So funny! So not taking parenting tribulations overly seriously. Love her!


mcewen said...

Hey it's enough to keep you in clean t-shirts for a year!

Judi said...

Hey Lotta....... I've been voting for you every single day, nice to see your votes climb! I'm watching and keeping my fingers crossed!

Angelina said...

I just checked out Alphadogma's web site. Very funny!

I didn't know people could vote over and over again. I'll vote more.