One night - three conversations

Hairdresser: What did you name your daughter?
Me: Gracie!
Hairdresser: I love the name Grace!
Me: Actually it's Gracie, with a "ie".
Hairdresser: You know why I love the name Grace, because it's not just a name it's a state of being.
Me: Yea...that's nice but we named her Gracie. G-R-A-C-I-E because I loved how at the end of the George Burns and Gracie Allen show he always said, "Say goodnight Gracie!".
Hairdresser: (Stare)
Me: (Stare)
Hairdresser: So do you want lowlights?
Me: Kay.


Me: (Washing my lady bits in the tub)
Son: (Body slams the unlocked door open)
Me: Aah! Dude!
Son: Gross! You're getting your poo butt all over where I take a bath!
Me: Dude! Close the door! Wait! Just so you know, this is so NOT a story to tell at preschool.


Husband: (Back from the dentist) Guess what, I need two crowns.
Me: Oh, baby!
Husband: It's gonna cost a grand.
Me: (eyes narrowing) You're not using my kitchen money.
Husband: Nice.
Me: Just chew soft foods till we can save up the cash cause I'm not giving up my Ikea cupboards.
Husband: Ok, so I'll walk around with cracks in my teeth so you can get your new cupboards.
Me: Kay.


swampwitch said...

I love conversations like these. Post some more. Kay.

swampwitch said...

P.S. Better than three nights One conversation...or is it?

Lotta said...


Katie J said...

Yeah, lovin' the conversation posts. More please? Oatmeal, rice and soup should get your hubby trhough the pain for a while.

Little Monkies said...

I have an image of your cute husband with a big towel tied around his tooth-aching head (like in the old-school cartoons/films) assembling your IKEA cabinets...poor man!

P.S. If your husband is super-handy, you can assemble the IKEA cabinets w/o help, but if not, I would recommend getting an approved cabinet person to do it. Warning: I've heard it adds to the cost quite a bit, but I have also heard that it can be a total b*tch to get those puppies together the right way if you aren't somewhat skilled...

Lotta said...

Katie - Damn straight.

LM - He's an architect who is very handy. This means he can fix or build anything but doesn't ever have the time to do it.

Wendy said...

Sounds normal to me. Although hubby would be going without dental work to open that damn store. Oh, sorry that is the conversation in my house.


Mamma said...

Keep writing-kay?

I'm voting every day...kay?

Karly said...

OH, crowns are so over rated. He'll be fine! FINE! Get the cabinets.

mommiebear2 said...

Oooh I know this story very well. I also need crowns but chose to get my brakes worked on instead. Mmmmm, soup. :)

Jill said...

Love it.

Monkey Butt's Mom said...


Paige said...

Nothing like a hairdresser who can't seem to hear your little kid's name.

Mine has called wee Avery "Ava" more times than I can count.

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Poo butt...My new favorite word.

More please, kay?

QueenieBadd said...

I LOVE "Say good night Gracie!". So cool.

And just tell your husband that a new milkshake blender in a new kitchen is sooo much cheaper than crowns. Kay? Kay.

Poo-butt! *squawk!*

Oh, The Joys said...

You are hilarious. I love the hairdresser!

marcia said...

Just watched a DVD of George and Gracie last night. She was brilliant!

When my kids were little and we were finishing videotaping them I would tell them "Say goodnight Gracie" and they would repeat "Goodnight Gracie" in the sweetest baby voices.

Enjoying your blog.

Anonymous said...

you say to son: no, you get YOUR poo butt all over where i wash my lady bits, and i'm not complaining, am i? i don't tell you that you are gross, do i? everybody's poo butt gets a bath here, so learn to live with it, my friend.