Parenting 101

Parenting is easy. It's trying to get shit done while parenting that makes everything hard.

Examples of getting shit done can include;

Actual shitting
Dressing oneself
Washing dishes
Wrapping a birthday gift
Brushing teeth
Sitting down
Answering a telephone


Karly said...

Actual shitting! LMAO! But, it is true. Very hard to poo when you have an audience. Or to poo when you don't know what is happening outside of the bathroom. Either way, its hard to poo as a mama.

Julie Pippert said...


You're right!

(Although I still think parenting can be harder than say walking and chewing gum and holding a cogent conversation. ;) )

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh, what we wouldn't all give for the actual shitting.

Wendy said...

Oh so parenting is easy, huh? In that case, I am shipping my two there, pronto. You should wake up to 2 very small, but angry ankle biters in the morning.

Lotta said...

Wendy - I think the sarcasm of that tip got lost in translation. What I meant was...

"parenting" meaning being with the kids would be lovely. Attempting to be with the kids and DO anything other than be 100% riveted on them is what's hard for me. I imagine if I had a staff of maid, cook and nanny for when I needed to poop, run errands or anything else I would find parenting quite breezy.

Um, don't send the ankle biters.


yerdoingitwrong said...

SO TRUE, girl. And I only have one child. How do you accomplish any of that list with 2 or more kids????

Wendy said...

I was just messy with you, Lotta. I totally understand where you are coming from. I often thought if I just had a Nanny to watch them while I just pick up dry cleaning or go to the bank, life would be so much better. Although, since having kids I have stopped my "quick trips" to the conivence store for an Icee and candy. It has helped the waist line a bit.

And I couldnt get the ankle biters in the box, so I had to abort the mission. Even my promise of a pony didnt work on either of them.


Katie J said...

Amen sister!

Mrs. D said...

True to all of your list!
Yet I do have to say that I started pooping with the door open, becasue I got tired of the knocking on the door or the screaming for mommy as soon as I sat down. Needless to say.. my shit does stink.. the kids keep away now and leave mommy to her business. ;)

Florinn said...

It's true, its true, its all true.

Let's just say the stool softener they send you home from the hospital with is more than just to relieve pain on your episiotomy incision.