Chocolate Western

I was shopping at Home Depot for flowers today and gave the kids each a half a candy bar as a bribe. I had no wet wipes with me so I knew it was a bold move. But since everyone at Home Depot was elbow deep in gardening dirt I didn't think it would be too brassy of me...till she walked up.

Woman: Your daughter has chocolate on her.
Me: I know.

Cue pistols at noon, spaghetti western showdown music

Woman: (Stare)

Me: (Stare)
Woman: (Stare)

Me: (Stare)
Woman: (Blink, looks to the side)

Me: (Stare) Ha!
Me: (Nods) Mam. (Walks away)


Rhonda said...

LOL...I had a similar experience in Venice last year when I mistakenly thought that a one-year old couldn't make a complete mess of a gelato cone (no gelato, just cone). Of course, my lady spoke mostly Italian.


BOSSY said...

You got a quick trigger finger there, Lotta!

karrie said...

Heh! I was there yesterday and my son had orange popsicle face.

Somehow my HD ran out of window boxes though. WTF? And my son kept screaming "Go back to Home Depot NOW!" every time I ventured back outside to the nursery area.

Judi said...

I gotta ask:

1. Who blinked first?

2. Poor Lotta.... is there a sign on your forehead saying "screw with my parenting skills confidence level, please you nosey biddies?"

Crappy people. You need to take all of your reviewing money and hire a kick ass body guard to mow these people down when they approach you. Just my advice.

QueenieB said...

I don't get why anyone would feel the need to point that out. I take my kids out with dirty faces all the time because either I just don't notice until it's too late, or it's just easier to wait until bathtime to get them to stay still for a face cleaning.

Seriously, i'ts not like your daughter was NAKED or anything (like mine was, when I forgot to put a pull up on under her skirt, and we walked all over the grocery store without me realizing....oops).

Nice shootin' Tex.

Little Monkies said...

Wa wa waaaaa...draw!

What is up with people these days?

Lotta said...

Rhonda - my kids can make a lone M&M cover their entire face with chocolate! How fun to be dirty in Venice!

Bossy - Much obliged.

Karrie - Mine ran out of those straw liners for the rod iron window boxes I have. I'm ready to get some new ones altogether instead of chasing around for them!

Judi - She blinked! I've been pretty good about holding my ground with folks lately. I think it's just my area - Chicagoland - folks are outspoken.

Queeni - Love it! My son goes commando all the time if I don't do an underwear check.

LM - Who knows man.

Kelly said...

LOL...people are so odd.

Slackermommy said...

I love you! That is great. I hate when people point out the obvious. My baby has red hair and everywhere we go we get comments. The best are the ones who say, "She's got red hair." One poor soul caught me on a bad day and I responded with "Really?! I hadn't noticed." Idiot.

Leeanthro said...

My daughter has insisted on wearing her pirate costume everywhere, every day since Saturday. Most people think its cute, but I'm sure some people are thinking, "Hey, stupid mother, do you think it's Halloween or something?"