Take it back man, take it back!

Ok, I did a paid review for an online gambling site. I love to gamble. Love Vegas and as I said in the original post we intentionally conceived our little girl there thinking she might get some of that Lady Luck mojo. (Our son was conceived at House of Blues and he IS a little rocker).

But I deleted the post cause I was worried that the chatty style of the entry too closely mimicked my regular posts and even though it said "PAID REVIEW" at the top it might end up coercing someone versus just providing them a thoughtful review.

So that's it. I'll likely still do reviews like I did for the shoes and the baby clothes cause the extra $10 to $50 is welcome around here and I feel comfortable doing that. I usually post my two cents about that kind of stuff anyways. But this one made me feel hinky. So when somebody commented on it I realized I didn't want it up there anymore. That's all man.


mcewen said...

Golly! thanks for sharing that. An interesting dilemma and a pleasant outcome.
Best wishes

mommiebear2 said...

I thought it was a neat idea, but I understand where you're coming from.