Not Quite Good Enough For The CrapWalk Yet

So it turns out I'm not completely sewtarded - just a little bit. For a year I have tried to make curtains, pillows and whatnot only to constantly screw them up. Do you have any idea how many freaking Wee Wonderful stuffed cats I tried to make? All the little kitties would split their sides just as soon as I put the stuffing in.

Today, I decided to make some curtains from this new Fresh Cut (Heather Bailey) fabric. Rather than ruin the cool fabric I tried to sew on scraps of fabric for practice. Each and every g-damn time the lower threads would bunch up. So I called my super
talented Aunt Georgia who told me all I had to do was take out that little metal bobbin thingy and screw it a little tighter. F'king worked like a CHARM! A year I spent fighting with this machine, trying a billion different tension combinations. Ugh.

So I made an unlined curtain for my backdoor. Isn't it cute. Yea, I pretty much just sewed a square. But it was still a small victory for me.

Then I pushed my attention span and attempted a curtain for daughter's bedroom door. Her bedroom used to be a sunporch so it's got a glass front door on it. (If I could take pictures you would be able to see that the lower fabric is made up of little vintage kitties.)

But I made the curtain too short. So I tried to add a piece of fabric and ric rac on top. But just like when your mom gave you those assbad bangs in grade school I kept trimming and folding to make this curtain even. From the front it looks great. But if anyone peaks behind the door it's like a piece of outsider art. I think if I wash this thing it's going to destroy it. Truly, this will be a test of my OCD-ness to see if I can allow this curtain to live. I am fighting the urge to burn it in the backyard just cause I KNOW those seams are wonky on the backside. Wonky!


mommiebear2 said...

I dont know WHAT you are talking about, I think they look great.

Gretchen said...

I think they look lovely!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

First: "Sewtarded" - bwaa haaa haaa! That cracked me up. Second: I really need to sew too because the price of curtains REALLY PISSES ME OFF. However, after reading that, I am rethinking because I would be all OCD about them being perfect too. But, then, third: I agree with the others, that they looks GREAT.

Stephanie said...

You are doing GREAT!! Keep up the sewing! I can't wait to get back to it myself when Bethany gets a little older that I don't have to have constant eyes on her. I tell ya, it's addictive! Both the sewing and the sense of accomplishment!

Elizabeth said...

I think they're both WONDERFUL. And Daughter's curtain looks so much more charming with the 2nd fabric. You should have told us you did that on purpose. As part of your "design aesthetic".
Great job, Lotta!

judi said...

Okay, welcome to the world of sewing. I for one have never made anything "perfect"..... I think that is the beauty of handmade.

When I designed patterns I gave this advice:

Have fun, it shows in your work and never point out your mistakes. If someone points them out for you.... smack them in the back of the head and tell them to kiss your a** that it's primitive and it's supposed to look that way.

I've had to do it.... try it out, it really works.

jakelliesmom said...

Wow. You sew. I love the curtains.

You're thinking, "Big deal, I sewed a square." I'm thinking, "She sewed a SQUARE??!!"

I can sew buttons. I'm that kind of useful.

Kelly said...

I keep thinking I should get a machine and learn how to sew. But once I figure it out and make all the throw pillow I needed and curtains for my house, I'd probably get bored with the whole process. Then my husband would bring up the 5 hundred other hobbies I've started, bought stuff for, and got bored with, and I'd have feel guilty all over again. So...I'll just admire yours!

BoggyWoggy said...

Absolutely professional! :)

Peta said...

Don't worry about it. It looks great from the front and that is the main thing!

lildb said...

Lotta, I hope I don't ever meet you in person because I might just push you up against a wall and force you to make out with me, that's how how hot I think you are.

I'm *this* close to serious.

you rule, dude.

Lotta said...

Thanks all! Though I think Lildb might win the award for most startling and yet somehow flattering comment I've ever recieved!