Daughter Turns 2!

Daughter is 2! And she got the memo.


Date: May 31, 2007
Attention: Daughter
From: The Toddler Mafia

Right. There's no nice way to say this. We've taken your bath time Elmo and he won't be returned until we see some serious toddler improvement.

Thus far you have been an embarrassment to the toddler world. You go to bed without any fuss, give out kisses and hugs far too often and worst of all you are sadly lacking in temper tantrum skills.

Get the lead out and start acting like a toddler or Elmo's get'n a pair of concrete boots.

The Boss.

So she picked up her squirt gun and started taking us all out one by one at her birthday party.

And at the zoo today the Dolphin Show announcer cautioned the audience to be very very still and very very quiet because they were bringing out a Hawk. I'm not sure how dolphins and hawks go together, but kay. I put daughter on my lap and the hawk was brought out. Just as soon as the trainer passed our section daughter started squealing, screaming and wiggling like a freaking baby rabbit! I was convinced that bird was gonna take her out. I just about peed myself when the bird decided to swoop directly over her head during the demonstration. (Swoon.) I already refuse to go to the Children's Zoo cause I'm convinced the goats smell my fear and are going to bite me in the ass!

Anyway...we had a Hello Kitty party for daughter at my very generous parent's house. See the cute decorations!

Witness the fantastic Kitty Litter Dig. I buried dollar store jewelry in clean kitty litter with some glitter sprinkled on top. The kids went nuts. I wanted to toss a few unwrapped tootsie rolls on top for authenticity but I forgot to buy them.

We also served the cake and ice cream to the kids in pink sand pails with yellow shovels that they got to bring home with them. Had dollar store sunglasses for the other game prizes and beer for the grownups. It was great day! If only I could have intercepted that damn memo!


Amber said...

That's too funny about the water gun...lol. The kitty litter idea was perfect. Tootsie rolls would have been hilarious.

Florinn said...

OMG, she is beautiful.

Good luck with the toddler thing. My daughter is starting to emerge from what has been a long experience in Hades.

canarygirl said...

Awww! So CUTE! The decorations, and especially the litter box are so adorable. That memo passed by our house in November. And holy chit, did Sam ever take it to heart! :/ Happy 2nd Birthday, Daughter! :)

Little Monkies said...

I so love Hello Kitty, I so think your bebe is gorgeous, I am so freaked out about the kitty litter thing because my kids would, um, continue the party at home...seriously! I would have to wrench little rakes and shovels out of their hands. Good lord.

Katie J said...

Snort. Hiccup. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything because as funny as the memo was, it was the kitty litter that would have put milk through my nose with laughter.

Happy 2nd birthday cutie pie!

reevesfarm said...

Toostie Rolls-OMG-Bwhaaahaaahaaa

Oh, The Joys said...

Glitter Litter? You are so creative!

mommiebear2 said...

That kitty litter idea is awesome! The whole party sounds like tons of fun!! You're a one great mama!

Southern Fried Mom said...

What a cool party! I especially love the litter dig! Happy Birthday to Daughter...I have almost survived two-ness, which is a major accomplishment in the house of Fat Baby, also known as Captain Destructo, the Plundermeister, and Dammit Get Out of That!

Elizabeth F. said...

We love Hello Kitty here too. The Kitty Litter Dig was purrrfect! LOL! I'll have to remember that one!

Janet a.k.a. "Wonder Mom" said...

Happy Birthday Daughter!!!

Love the party!

Great pictures.

Damn Memo.

Meghan said...

Lotta, she is so gorgeous! Her Hello Kitty shoes are tres chic.

Marmite Breath said...

Love it! She's really cute, I love her facial expression on that photo. And what a great idea to let them dig. Kids love that shit!

Worker Mommy said...

GREAT party ideas...I may have to "steal" them for my 4 year old.
Although if its not Ariel related she might take me out w/a squirt gun too. She's rather Ariel obsessed.
I miss two that was actually a fun age for us. It was 3 that was rather hellish.

Wendy said...

How do you come up with these ideas? They are so perfect.

I am at a lost for Amber's 5 b-day party favors. Everything else will be provided at the place. I better get cracking.

Happy Birthday.

Kelly said...

I love the memo!lol

Happy Birthday your crazy 2-year-old girl!

angela said...

So freakin' creative!