out of order

my computer is going down. we're not sure if daughter spent some quality keyboard time or if this radio shack techno-beauty is dying a natural death. but either way the shift key doesn't work so i'm all ee cummings with my post, i can't type certain letters, and i can't make exclamation points. which really sucks cause i want to tell you that my computer fucking sucks. or that my fucking computer sucks. but it somehow doesn't fly without the exclamation point at the end.

pssst - the direct url link to jenny's first post debating the proper use of fuck has punctuation in it that my computer won't allow me to type. plus my copy/paste feature is broken. so just scroll down to jenny's first blog entry after clicking the link for the context to 'my fucking computer sucks' okay.

god i hate this. crap he's going to smite me now for not writing his name in uppercase.

at any rate..i'm taking a break from blogging till husband can smuggle home some computer parts from work. if worse comes to worse i'll at least post my future milf post in lowercase this friday. 'specially since i blew it off entirely last week.

and since i want to kick the crap outta my cpu tower i'm going to dedicate this song to it...


Mamma said...

That was the first 45 I ever owned. Remember those? 45's.

Sorry 'bout your bum computer. I'll leave some exclamation points for you.


Jenny said...

Actually it's kind of funny (for me) that you don't have exclamation points. It's like Lotta on lithium.

But my "e" button is all wonky on my laptop. I feel your pain.

Kelly said...

That's my biggest fear...losing the computer. Good luck with the repairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I'm bragging with exclamation points.;)

JoeinVegas said...

Can't just get a replacement keyboard down at Office Depot?
Let me repeat that for you
squiglier than

Julie Pippert said...

Hey get that fixed soon...no breaks!

Me missa lotta, as my little one would say.

So your hubby better be on the ball tomorrow.

jakelliesmom said...

While you're thinking of Kung Fu Fighting, I'm thinking this:


Hope it's better soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (not meaning to flaunt my punctuation and upper case or anything.)

adymommy said...

Delurking-which I don't like to admit to, but it is true.
ANYWAY delurking so I can share some punctuation with you. !!!!!!!!

Hopefully your hubby is a master smuggler and can get the parts ASAP!

mommiebear2 said...

I hope youre up and running soon!

Spidey said...

Kung Fu Fighting? Wow, what an oldie!

aimee / greeblemonkey said...

eeks! hope you are up and running again soon!

Lotta said...

joe in vegas - could you be that brilliant..exclamation point...question mark. that it could just be the keyboard. i'm on it.

everyone - thanks for the punctuation - exclamation point

jenny - yup i'm pretty sure this is how i communicate when i'm off meds actually.

Lotta said...

jakesallie - i would so check out that link but i can't cut and paste so it will have to wait.

kimberly sherrod said...

I miss American Bandstand.
I broke my a and my e.
had to get a new one.
keyboard. husband said I couldn't just replace the keys. I tried. Now i have the old keys in a baggie waiting for the next mixed media robot that I make. Recycle. save the world.

how's the kitchen coming along? that's more important than a keyboard, right?
I am still voting for you to blog for a year.....you are funny even without punctuation and caps. chin up, sweetie.

Grim Reality Girl said...


Here are some capitals:

AND some exclamation points for good measure:

(you need lots of them)

Bless be God (capitalized as a blessing to you!).

may your computer recover. i speak in lowercase to share your pain.... love kung foo fighting...

Marmite Breath said...

oh lord i hope it gets better soon for you lotta because i'm trying to type without using capitals and it is killing me.