Paid Review: The Beach Wedding Guide

I have to say that as a brokeass mama I have a hard time looking back at my wedding pictures. We (I) spent sooooo much money on our wedding. I am brokeass now but I was a dot com brat at the time and making money well before I had any idea of how to manage it. So dropping (ahem) grand on flowers - no problem. Did you choke on your diet pop? Cause I do every damn time I think of that money. Today that kind of cash would buy us a family vacation, new kitchen appliances or a savings account for the kids.

But I do think when you're young and engaged you get sucked into the big wedding big money vortex right quick.
Were I to do it over again I would most definitely do an Island Wedding. I would book it through something like The Beach Wedding Guide and tuck the rest of the money I was going to spend on rented tablecloths into a house buying fund.

And I must confess that by day 5 of our 10 day honeymoon in
Antigua I was getting a little bored. I have to disclose that the boredom was no reflection on husband's prowess. But we were dating for almost 8 years before marriage so we weren't exactly nympho newlyweds. It would have been fun to have some other couples there to drink with and dare each other to dance to the steel drum band.

What I liked about The Beach Wedding Guide was that once you have selected your destination it provides you with links to favor vendors, photographers, and so on. So it's an easy booking experience. Leaving you with time to worry about other things, like "Will my husband end up wearing socks and sandals someday like his dad?" (Um, yes.)

Someday I wouldn't mind renewing our vows in an island wedding. Can you imagine how much more potent "for better or for worse" would be after you've both been sicked and pooped on by your children for years? And how much would you appreciate a tropical vacation at this point in your lives? Speaking as someone whose vacations have consisted of water park hotels with themes like Grizzly Bears Spend All Your Cash On $20 Swim Diapers Lodge - I would kiss the sand every damn day.

So check out The Beach Wedding Guide if your getting married or want to do a sweet group vacation, it is free!


Little Monkies said...

We spent a load on our wedding as well. And, because I am an old event planner, I sat and looked at everything critically all night without really enjoying it. *lovely*.

We only paid 1/2 for the band because the lead singer was a FREAK and basically didn't know if he was at Jimmy's barmitzvah in Toledo or at our wedding in Seattle. They forgot music to play on their breaks--um, dead air. no music. people thought the party was over. (our favor was a wedding cd, so that got played like, um, 100 times). They did a riff during our cake cutting that sounded like some frat boy having sex. Lovely.


me said...

fwding that to my futre SIL, that's what they want to do. Thanks for the link. And not to be a biotch or anything, but for our 10 yr, husband surprised me with a vow renewal in Hawaii...sooo great. And it really was more special, just because of all the crap we've been through, he still cried when he said his vows...awwww

Lotta said...

LM - Right there with you. I was working at a dot com that sold wedding planning software!

ME - Oh good! And your not a biotch. Just a lucky biotch!

Holy Shit We are Getting Hitched said...

I get comforted every time I hear someone look back at their wedding and decide the money wasn't important. I'm planning right now and we are attempting to do it very cheap. I-Pod instead of DJ. flowers from the farmers market. We're building the set and sewing linens. We're cooking the food and they just get apps. Plastic plates. Having it a non-profit art gallery... etc. The problem is the moms. They seem to think that saving money is tacky and that I will regret it.... Are they giving us money? No, no they are not... Apparently their opinions are worth more than a little help. Alas. Thanks for the tip. It helps from getting caught up in wedding land.

Holy Shit We are Getting Hitched said...

ps- I enjoy your blog