Paid Review: Bug & Pickle Belly Firm

Ok, so I decided that I would review this stuff that Bug & Pickle just launched called Belly Firm because it's meant to be applied after you give birth. So I'm hoping that once I've finished birthing my 95 pounds of fat this stuff might help make my stretch marks better and my belly firmer. And yes, nothing makes your tummy tight except sit-ups and tummy tucks. (And if there are any plastic surgeons that need me to review their work I'll be happy to take a sample). But having used firming lotions in the past I do believe that keeping your skin lubed up does help it to feel more supple - less like a crumpled up paper bag.

Belly Firm has got "essential oils of Jasmine, Grapefruit, Mandarin and Patchouli which have historically been used to firm skin and treat scarring". I've been slathering Mederma on my jugs in the hope that I could cut down on the stretch marks as they shrink down. Cause, ya know you lose your boobs first when you lose weight. Lucky us. The Mederma is kind of stinky - maybe cause it's made from potatoes? So I like that I might smell like a grapefruit instead of a tater tot after using Belly Firm.

While checking out the Bug & Pickle site I found that they carry a product for nursing moms called
Hooter Hider. Love it! I would so give this to a girlfriend at a baby shower just to be able to call and ask, "How's your Hooter Hider work'n out for ya?"

So check it out - rub this stuff on your tummy, boobs and tushy and see if it fades out your scars and stretch marks (which really are scarring as well).


mommiebear2 said...

I actually used that Palmer's Cocoa Butter Lotion during both of my pregnancies and ended up with very tiny strech marks around my belly button and really, that was about it. It smelled bad (the lotion) in my opinion but it really did work for me. Of course, now I have these damn strech marks on the sides of my boobs due to all of the weight gain since I have become a fat ass. *Sigh*

Amanda Auchter said...

I cannot live without my Palmer's! I've never had a baby, but stretch marks and/or cellulite are an inevitable part of getting older, no matter what you weigh! I don't think it smells at all -- cocoa butter, like the beach!

PS: I must say that while I don't have kids and am not on a diet, I LOVE your blog & voted for you all of the time!