Review Me:

This is a paid post.

I wanted to do this review for because there were actually a few features that I will go back and use.

1.) Free calorie counter: I liked that the sign up was easy and painless. They didn't ask for the name of my first boyfriend and my shoe size like some sites. Nice and straightforward. Plus at the end of the sign up process they give you a recommended daily calorie allowance based on how many pounds a week you want to lose. If I wasn't doing Weight Watchers and was simply calorie counting I would be all over this feature.

2.) Food and Exercise Diary: Again, nice and simple. Easy to do. They have a place to record your daily food and exercise. Then the home page summarizes how many calories you have left for the day. I love that this is free whereas Weight Watchers online tools are a bit expensive.

3.) Message Boards: It looks like their message boards are pretty well populated. And I do like to talk about my fat butt so this is a good feature for me.

Overall, I would recommend this site paid or not. Check it out!


Rapunzel said...

Nice site! I really like Sparkspeople myself. Also free and with lots of great features.

Judi said...

Sounds just like what I need right now.... I'm gonna check it out. Thanks Lotta!