Cheap and classy

Husband: What's this Quicken item for $40.00? It says "Class for kids", what class did you sign them up for?

Me: (Stare)

Husband: (Stare)

Me: It was for my haircut. I got my haircut at the nice place.

Husband: You need to
tell me ahead of time so we can plan for this.

Me: But then you would say no.

Husband: No I wouldn't

Me: Ok. I need a pedicure before BlogHer.

Husband: No.

Me: I'm prepared to risk staph infection and go to the Walmart nail salon.

Husband: How much?

Me: $22 (Totally lying it will be $27 with the tip)

Husband: (Stare)

Me: Or you can just find it in Quicken under
"Couples Counseling"...

Husband: Enjoy your Big Boxstore pampering experience.

Me: I will.

These other items will also be going into the Quicken budget log under cover of darkness since husband belongs to the "What's wrong with the clothes you got for Christmas?" club.

$19.00! from Payless ShoeSource. Sweet. The only drawback is that it says American Eagle on the purse strap. But they are just abiding by the retail Bedazzle Rule. The cheaper the knockoff the more random the required embellishment will be. Like that cute, white, pin tuck cotton blouse you pull off the rack at Kohls only to find a bedazzled rose at the hem. Or that white tee at Walmart that looks like the perfect plus sized baby doll from the back, but you flip it over and find a sparkly American flag on the front.

$13.99, also Payless. I almost squeaked when I saw these shoes. My big calves, otherwise known as the cankles or semi-cankles, don't look good in those trendy slip on sneakers. They are either so flat they make me look like Fred Flintstone trying to wear girl shoes or the top is so high cut it chops my already short legs off. So this shoe is great. It's not too flat and the low cut front makes your leg look a little longer so my semi-cankle self can wear it. I wish I had seen them in black too.

I also found these $9.99 tees in XXL at Target last night. No, I can't fit in them. They were from the Jr's department so they look like sausage casing when I put them on. But I am optimistic, so they are in my skinny(er) hope chest with a retro sweater I bought a few months ago in XXL.

That's it man.


Jenifer said...

Ha, that's why I control the checkbook!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fortunate that my DH considers my pedicures to be part of regular maintenance - since he's earning the money at present. I get mine done in a local - well, sorta local - Vietnamese place for $25 for the complete massage, callous removal, and French nails. If you are ever in the Twin Cities, I'll book you a time.

And don't believe what that lady said about the Target pseudo-spanx. They run like hell.


~JJ! said...

Hee...That is great!

Anonymous said...

hey lotta, i work in a nail salon and if you're ever in north carolina or pennsylvania, i'll do your pedicure for free! (and don't let them use a credo blade, aka callus shaver on you - they're illegal in many states)

Deb said...

HAHA! Why do they get to say no to a pedicure but god forbid they want to buy a new tool to build the 800 dollar shed in the back yard that all they will do is cram with more tools that they dont use?????????

Tools hubby bought and doesnt use =
clothes from christmas in closet with tags on them

Anonymous said...

Hey Lotta,

I bought the green boy and girl shirt in their XXL and honestly, it fits pretty well. I too am rather busty and a large and in charge girl. I admire you for your determination with WW. I would buy the shirt for inspiration and once you reach your goal, you will have a super cute shirt to show off your new bod in!

Gretchen said...

There's a reason we have separate checking accounts.

Payless will have to wait until Friday... Boo hoo.

Lotta said...

J - I wish!

S - You're on!

Anon - They always do too!

Deb - Hello! You know it.

Anon - Well for me the Jr's dept is a loong way from the plus sized department. But to be fair it was not as teeny tiny as most jr's cuts. I love the tees and it's very motivating to have them hiding in my closet! Target has such nice clothes now I can't wait to get out of the big girls section. Which has improved a TON but is still boring compared to the other yummy stuff.

Gretchen - Honestly thinking about that.

judi said...

Well, I'm checking my Target account and seeing if I can squeeze the owl shirt in! Too dang cute!

I am proud to say that I went to my WW meeting Monday night and lost 5.8 pounds! Thank you Lotta for showing me it can be done. Now, I'm just waiting for next week....... I hope it's a least a pound or so!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Yes....a pedicure DOES cost less than couples counseling!

You are a genius! I plan to implement this strategy with Mr. Mayhem immediately!

Have fun! I am so jealous you will be meeting everybody!

Christina said...

I'm glad I'm the one who watchs the finances! I don't remember the last time I've been questioned about a purchase! (Hey, I make sure the bills are paid--that means I get whatever is left over, right? It's my service charge!)

mommiebear2 said...

I love those shorts! But you know, those XXL can be misleading, especially in the junior section. I had bought a shirt like that with that little stick figure on it with poptarts that said "crazy tasty" - you know, like the commercial? Yikes, did that look so very unflattering on me.

sam said...

My God woman, you are awesome!!! If my husband even knew how to open Quicken, I would so have to steal that idea!

Slackermommy said...

Too funny!I get cash back from the grocery store.My hubby just thinks our grocery bill is high because we have 4 kids. I always pass that trick onto new brides.

Lotta said...

Slacker - Oh yea, that's been in effect for awhile.

miss bliss said...

I'm glad your toenails will get to be beautiful for Blogher and that you won't have risked getting a fungus from a cheap pedicure (god-forbid!). And before you go to we get to see your cards???

g-man said...

That was too funny. With my wife I'm afraid to ask what she spends in Kohls or Target or anywhere. She takes care of the bills and I have my own account. So long as we don't have to forgo food or anything I'm pretty happy.

Kelly said...

I love your "couple counseling" funny! I'm going into excel right now and add that category! It's so much better than the one the husband has..."clothes." How is that fun?

Andie said...

ha. couples counseling.

I'm so glad we have separate accounts.

and I love that bag from payless. I'm totally stopping at payless on my way home today. THANKS! ;)