Calling all Creatives

There is a good chance I've gotten a volunteering spot at BlogHer. That's right, brokeass mama might get a free pass if I promise to behave myself when I pass out your BlogHer nametags. Rumor is attendees are going to be handing out business cards with their blog address on them. I'm thinking that with my ADD it might be best to come armed with my URL already written down for me so I need to get some cards printed up.

So all you creative and crafty people that come by, what the heck should I do for my blog business card? I like graphics that are so simple they become ironic. I love cards like this one. Or this one. And how cool is it that this one looks like a vintage record sleeve? Any ideas?

So far my only idea is a form letter I could hand out. Printed on a biz card size piece of paper.

Dear ___________

I'm so glad I ran into you at ________. I often think about that post you wrote about _____________ and it makes me feel so _________! It would be great if we could ______________ sometime.

Call me. Or just stop by. Your comments are just so ____________!


Or even more to the point this one...

Do you like me? Circle one.

Yes No Maybe



Marmite Breath said...

I have no help for you Lotta, because I'm so jealous that you're going to Blogher.


PS) I think the record sleeve one was gorgeous.

Sparky said...

Personally, I used vistaprint for some throwaway ones; you can get free ones (appealing to your broke-assed-mama-ness). Of course they advertise VistaPrint on the reverse and the designs are totally limited, but the price was right for me. :)

Failing that, I'd probably look through my photos for something representative (either of frenzieddaddy or arghwebworks, or um portland parents, or portland scrapbooking, or ... or ... or ... ) and use this 'moo' thing.

ps. the "do you like me yes or no" line is exquisite :D

judi said...

The second one made me laugh outloud. I think they're both original and funny....... you couldn't go wrong with either.

Denise said...

I've seen the do you like me one before, I'd go with the fill in the blank form letter - that's original (at least original to me).

I'll be sitting near you at that registration table manning the BOF clipboards. I'll swap you cards!


~JJ! said...

Passport photo and the do you like me copy!


One Tough Momma said...

I love the second one. I say keep it idiot proof.

MILFBoundNikki said...

Can you do something with Mad Libs and your form letter?

kimberly sherrod said...

I love the fill in the blank- that is hysterical! Original and funny! If I mail you some of my cards will you pass them out for me too? I want to make some that are articulated paper dolls with brad connectors but that would only go to people who buy my work. Right now I use blue sky paper business cards with butterflies and snippets of tulle sewn on in the lower right corner- makes it dimensional. How about stapling a life saver on to each one- because your blog is- a lifesaver! They come in individual wrapped packs. Or how about a wet one stapled to it- in case of a spill?

Anonymous said...

dooce has a link to some amazing and incredibly creative business cards in her sidebar right now. You should go have a looksee.

Little Monkies said...


I think you should have your blog name and tag line on one side, something simple like your webaddress, email and name on the other. I loved your tag line the first time I saw it.

I think the interactive thing is going to be too will be chatting with a million different people, work the room while you can!

Paige said...

Why don't you use the last one? That way you could put it on business card sized pieces of notebook paper and pass it, just like I know I used to do in class?

That would be fun. Inexpensive too.

Karen Forest said...

I, too, like the second one.

Simple. Fast. Easy.

I agree about your tagline. It needs to be one there. It is cute, tell-tale and catchy.

Lotta said...

What I imagine with the second version is that I will find piles of cards with the "No" circled!

The first version would be handed out blank. I wouldn't fill it in. That would be the odd charm of it. To imagine what I would fill in. Too obtuse?

Thanks for your ideas!!!

kimberly sherrod said...

I still love the first one- I think it's very funny. (Moo cards? too expensive?) I've been getting sucked into clicking on the damn ads here daily- and even bought some fabric from Fabric Stash- that's gotta be putting pennies somewhere! Tempting me with aprons and sewing notions- have you no shame!!?

Kelly said... the last one.

Paige said...

I would circle yes, dude. You know that.

Lotta said...

Paige - thanks man.

Kimberly - Send 'em over I'll hand them out, or put them on a biz card table. Whatever you like. I'm loving the wet wipe idea. Put a tagline like "Clean up your dirty!"