8 For Daughter

The charming Lady Tramaine tagged me do to an 8 things you didn't know about me meme. I'm pretty sure there are no secrets between us at this point, so I'm going to do 8 things about daughter.

1.) She will be crying and then switch to singing and then crying again within a 60 second timespan. Just like her momma!

2.) She insists on clutching whatever her favorite toy of the day was as she falls
asleep. A few weeks ago it was her purse. And when I went to check on her I found that she had scooped out and smeared a large pot of glitter lipgloss all over her freshly washed hair and body. Now, just like the airports, we check all handbags for liquids and gels before bedtime.

3.) Daughter and son have bonded due to my laziness. I often send son in to take care of daughter; bring her a pacifier, cup of water, kiss her boo boos or smell for a poop
. I used to feel guilty but it's pretty damn cute to watch them together now.

4.) When she wants me to pick her up she says, "I hold you mama?"

5.) She wakes me up every morning by sitting on my pillow and singing. Because she has a big brother her song choice is usually "Dananananananan batman batman"

6.) Her favorite tantrum trick is to lob her pacifier as far as she can and then wail, "my pacy my pacy" and reach for it in a way that makes strangers think I chucked th
e damned thing away from her.

7.) If she doesn't like the song I'm playing in the car she'll yell "No mama nooooooo!" until I change it. There is a good chance I may have to disown her for hating Patsy Cline.

8.) Everything she says ends in an upward inflection that makes it sound like a question. It's like she's British. Dora? Kitty? Donut? And when she asks for things like chocolate milk or cookies she'll say "Lil bit mama? Lil bit? (deep breath) choc-late milk?" and use her hands to demonstrate the lil bit.

And of course she has my heart forever. Now tell me 8 things about your kids!


kimberly sherrod said...

1. Troy used to hold found pennies in his sweaty little 3 year old hands. You could always pry open those fingers and find a penny. We knicknamed him: "Penny Lover"
2. He was so skinny his Dad nicknamed him:" bean pole or beaner" which he hated
3. He slept with a stuffed Monkey named Gus
4. He could read and write his name and alphabet and numbers to 20 when he went to kindergarten.
5. His kindergarten teacher misspelled his name on his desk, calling him Tray instead of Troy. He turned to me and said "oh, boy, not another dumb blonde!"
6. He loved Chef Boyardee's abc's 123's and would eat them for breakfast lunch and dinner when I let him
7. He loves sports and played baseball and football for more years than I can count.( I don't miss all that driving)
8. He is a student at FSU and will be 26 this year. He is 6'4" and I am 5'4" and he likes to rest his elbow on the top of my head. He is handsome and very, very funny!

Jenifer said...

Well I couldn't decide between the 2 so I will do 4 for daughter and 4 for son....
1. Everythinf with Paige lately is a running commentart, she talks NON_STOP. "I'm watching DOra, mommy. I'm sitting on my couch mommy. Look that car is RED. Cayden is crying. Are you drinking cooofeeeeeee mommy? You like coooofeeeee mommy? OH TOOODLES!"...yeah.
2. She has just learned to use the potty but still panics when she has to poop.
3. She will be 3 in less than a month.
4. She refuses to eat almost everything but peanut butter and fluff sandwiches.
5. Cayden at 10 months JUST started sleeping through teh night (thank God because Mommy thought she might need to be committed somewhere soon!)
6. He is my string-bean baby. 20% for weight 95% for height.
7. His only word right now is "MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA MA " ALL.DAY.LONG.
8. He is my cuddle bug. Unlike my daughter he loves to kiss and hug and will crawl over to you and hug your knees until you pick him up to cuddle him.

Paige said...

1. She wore socks to the beach like the average senior citizen.
2. She thinks fake snoring is hilarious.
3. She sings the chorus of "Purple Rain."
4. She is all arms and legs.
5. The other night she specifically asked me to kiss her teeth before bedtime.
6. She likes to tell people she's going to work. When you ask her where she works, she says Chick Fil A.
7. At two years of age, she veers between absolutely delightful and the Exorcist baby.
8. She is obsessed with boo-boos and messes. OCD to the nth degree.

miss bliss said...

I LOVE the one about daughter saying "lil bit". So sweet...and polite!

I posted my list for Caroline and Grayson on my blog.

Lotta said...

Kim - Sounds like you did him up right. Raised a great man!

Paige - I loved the socks one. Daughter needs a bowl of bran cereal every morning and son pees like his prostrate his 70 years old.

Miss Bliss - Com'n over...

Mama en Fuego said...

Oh good God get out of my way I have to smother that child in kisses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GAH!!! The cuteness!!!!

Lotta said...

Mama - That's hilarious. Get out of your way..ha!

Lady T said...

ooooo! red toes! sooo cute! gotta love that.

raising a lil diva, huh? lol....