Auction Ads

You may have noticed the AuctionAds that are scattered around Mom O Matic. I love this ad program because I get to choose what gets listed. I put in an eBay search term and then select what type of banner I want created. Then click "Customize" on Blogger and copy and paste it in as an HTML object.

If you use this program you get a
commission when people click and bid. (So far I've averaged $25 a month. Not a fortune, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.) Given the payout terms, I suppose I should be advertising expensive flat screen TVs, but it's more fun to put up the search terms that I use all the time on eBay. That way you too can create overdrafts buying plastic Cracker Jack charms!

Psst - If you sign up could you pretty please do so by clicking on the Auction Ads link in the banner. That way I get some dosh. Thanks!


Slackermommy said...

Anything for you.

judi said...

Wow Lotta....... for $25 bucks, that's like way easier than working down at the truck stop! Har, har, har!

I like the stuff you choose too!