The best part about new appliances

The boxes!
He just about peed he was so excited to have two big boxes.

Scurvy pirates in their boat...Garr!

Fudgesicle break.Coloring their rocket ship while mom stares at the lawn and debates mowing. Nah!


g-man said...

Boxes are the BEST! I think of each one just full of air and imagination.

The Salisbury Family said...

THey look like they are having so much fun

mommiebear2 said...

I remember using the giant Pampers box as "cars" as kids and pushing eachother up and down the hall at my great grandparents house.

~JJ! said...

Is she wearing rain boots?

I adore her.

For the Love... said... kiddos love boxes-at Christmas I wonder why we didn't just save the $ and pick up some boxes from Lowes.

My youngest had black rain boots on his feet every day the year he was 3..It is hot down here and those suckers started to SMELL! He loved them so I hosed them out with bleach and water and then for flavor...a little air freshener.

Mrs. Mustard said...

My son turned 1 yesterday, and his favourite gift was the crinkly paper someone used to stuff a gift bag. Crinkly paper, people.
Why bother spending money?

nikki said...

Oooooo! I wanna come play too! Big boxes were the best toys as kids (and perhaps adults too!)

Hope you had a great birthday.

Lotta said...

I played with them too. So fun!

Mitzi Green said...

oh, HELL yeah. boxes ROCK. the bigger, the better. i wept with joy when my parents bought a new washer and dryer.