Kitchen Update: Appliances

The kitchen appliances come tomorrow and it's making me queasy. We shopped around at Sears (overpriced), Sears Outlet (too dinged) and ABT where we found the GE CleanSteel line. Loved it! We priced compared at Home Depot and it was a wee bit cheaper, then headed over to Grant's Appliances and they beat Home Depot's price. All in all we ended up saving about $300 by the time we made it down the appliance chain. So I should be relieved. A dishwasher, fridge (freezer on bottom) and stove for a great price. But instead I want to choke.

Handing over that check to the salesclerk was like that sitcom skit where someone doesn't want to let go of the money so they get into a tug of war. I hemmed and hawed so much that the guy must have thought I was a very lonely housewife trying to rustle up some action. (He was pretty hot in a swim team/butterfly stroke kind of way). We got the cash because husband is going to do some extra work designing and building a deck. So I could say my hesitation is because I know how hard husband will work for the money. But nah. Mostly it's the amount.

We do alright on one income, but there are weeks when it's a stretch to hit the grocery store. A medical bill or car repair comes in and we're upside down. So a big part of me thinks we should just bank this cash. Which is pretty unlike me. But the big gaping holes in my kitchen tell me otherwise. And then of course there is the fun train of thought my mother handed down to me. The "I don't deserve something so nice" viewpoint. I know I'll be throwing myself in front of the appliances and screaming, "noooo, take me instead" whenever the kids come into the room with a crayon.

But I pray the kitchen will get done now. We were camping and then when we came back husband's work got crazy busy again. And somewhere in between he lost his initial burst of excited energy. The one that makes you stay up till midnight spackling the plaster. I can handle waiting for the kitchen to get done as long as it's being worked on. But when it's been at a standstill for 2 weeks I kind of freak out. I called husband on the phone yesterday and was very "NO WIRE HANGERS! EVAH!!!" about it. So he came home on time and turned a few screws in the cabinets. It did ease the pressure a bit, but I made him pinky swear he would dedicate the weekend to it. Aren't I a loving wife? "Get your hardworking ass into the kitchen some more. Dammit!"

The good news is that pretty soon I'll be able to cook again. Albeit with cardboard counter tops, but still a DISHWASHER. At night I just tell husband to whisper "dishwashahhh" in my ear and I get all hot. 6 years of washing and boiling pacifiers, bottles and sippy cups is over! Hot damn!

The bad news is now my family will discover that I can't cook. That the smoke alarm as a dinner bell might not be entirely because of our former crappy stove. But those frozen pizzas are sure gonna heat up nice in that new oven.


g-man said...

I used to work for GE I got a 10% discount on appliances! My wife and I did our kitchen (just before we moved thankyouverymuch) and I thought the Sears sales clerk was going to blow a gasket when after picking a fridge he started waking to the register and we said "we're not done yet" so we picked a dishwasher, and again he walked to the register and again we said "we're not done yet". I think as we we were walking to the stoves his commission boner blew its cork.

Wendy said...

At least you didnt get new appliances like most of us down here did 2 years ago. Thanks to no power for anywhere from 1 week to a month, many fridges were way pass the science project stage.

You deserve it. Just like you told me Adam Sandler said, he just gives his wife what she wants and says, "Sorry about your vagina". I think that says everything.

Jenifer said...

I feel you. We remodeled our WHOLE HOUSE. We didn't live in it for the first year...when we had enough done we moved in in March. I don't think a damn thing has been done since then... I know he worked really hard and deserves a break, but damn, I am sick of living in an unfinished house!!

Angelina said...

I want to know where you get all the great vintage kitchen images? So fantastic!

I'm so glad you're getting new appliances. It's a treat that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

Lori said...

We just got a new (old) house and what started as a "just needs a little updating" as turned into a gut wrenching and total gut of most of the house. After shopping around for my kitchen appliances, I finally broke down at the last minute to purchase them from the cheapest place with just the right delivery time. Today I found my fridge $200 cheaper at another store and I thought I would have a breakdown in the middle of the store!! This on top of the sprinklers breaking, the water heaters needing replacement, and a fight with the contractor over which comes first - paint or floors (I say paint)I just want to turn off my phone, hide the paint things, and stay in bed and catch up on my Tivo!

Lotta said...

G-Man, that was hilarious. I need to find the context in which I can say commission boner now.

All - Thanks. Why is we fantasize about new things. Then they come and we want to hide under the bed. Odd. That's why I'm medicated I suppose.

Andie said...

if you need help once your kitchen is together with cooking, I'd be more than happy to help ya! I love to cook when I have the time.

Believe it or not, as annoying as she is... Rachael Ray is very helpful with easy cooking ideas.