Conversations: Somebody needs a day off

Son: (Running into room) Mommy, Mommy,Mommy, Mommy,Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! I just wanted to let you know that daddy put me down for quiet time.

Me: Then do it for Pete's sake.

Son: Who's Pete?

Me: Go!

(3 minutes later)

Son: (Running into room) Oh, wait, Mommy! Um, what are we going to do after quiet time?

Me: Buddy quiet time means you stay IN your bed the whole time. No talking. Go!

(2 minutes later)

Son: (Running into room) Mommy, who's at the door?! Is it for me? Does someone want to play?

Me: Do you understand what quiet time means? It means it's get-your-freaking-butt-into-bed time that's what it means.

Son: You can't say "freaking"!

Me: Ok, then it's keep-mommy-from-going-mental-and-throwing-away-all-your-rescue heroes time.

Son: I'm going!

Later that same night.

Son: Mommy, what are you doing?

Me: (Hiding chocolate ice cream behind my back) Dude, you are supposed to be in bed..skedaddle.

Son: You're eating ice cream? Why are you eating ice cream? Why do the grownups get to have ice cream?

Me: Because our lives are delightful and carefree, now get the he.. Ugh. Go to bed!


Mamma said...

Our eldest accused us of having pizza parties after he went to bed.

Yep kid, that's right it's all pizza and ice cream when you grow up.

A Whole Lot of Nothing said...

My girls have to practically fall down before going to bed in order for them to stay when it's time to go to bed. If not, they're up at LEAST 5-6 times for any myriad of reasons ranging from "Claire's a BEAR!" to "I'm not tired" to "Whatchueatin?"
Arrrrrgh... I WISH someone would make me nap or go to bed early. (Self-promoting plug - check out my new blog design!)

Joyce said...

hehe sounds like every day in my house....right now im debating changing the time on the clock for half hour of extra peace!

Jenny said...


I love it.

Chrfistina said...

OMIGOD. You just described my evening. My oldest, for reasons I don't understand, has been following me around ALL NIGHT LONG. I'm to the point that I am begging him, "Please, please, leave me alone." Luckily, it's finally bed time.

boogiemum said...

I wish someone was telling me to go to bed, too!

My 4 year old tells us he wants to stay up with us and "work" with hubby and I. So when I ask him what kind of "work" he will do with us, he says "you know, watch tv and eat and stuff."
Yes, Son, that is how we make the money around here. Now get moving!

Lotta said...

I know. The other night my son said, "Gosh do I have do everything around here!" when I asked him to pick up his toys.

Oh, The Joys said...

Mwa ha ha! When you suckahs go to sleep we eat ice cream and candy and watch cartoons forevah!

Marymurtz said...

My daughter stands there watching me eat something and then will say "Where did you buy that? I love that." She won't come out and ask, just says things like "We're supposed to share, Mommy." We call her "Hinty."

Loved your description of the dialogue along the winding road to no quiet time. Sounds like every day at my house. It's cute for a while, but after too long, you want to scream.