Ebay Blues

I never understood why sellers waited until I had posted positive feedback to post equally nice feedback about me. I mean, they had my money - so I would think that would be enough to leave nice comments. Now, I understand.

I recently auctioned some lipgloss that I had purchased new from Ulta using a coupon and then resold on ebay. I left great feedback as soon as I got the payment and mailed the product. Then the buyer claims I used the products (I didn't of course) and sold her dirty lipgloss, and she wants her money back right away. The tone of the email was harassing and mean so I assumed she changed her mind and was trying to get her money back. It isn't unusal for buyers to ruin an item in order to get a refund from a seller with a "No Returns" policy.

To be fair I let her know she could bring the gloss directly back to Ulta to ex
hange, or send to it me and I would send her a gift card to purchase a new one with. But I would not send her cash as that was not my policy. I got email, after email that was verbally abusive and frankly, just freaking nuts. I just kept repeating my offer to replace and stood firm.

But as of today, I have two horrible feedbacks from this seller on my record. Really slanderous and dishonest stuff. And she, has two warm and fuzzy feedbacks from me since I sent hers right away. Ugh. Lesson learned. I'll be waiting to give feedback till I get mine now.
The whole thing has me rattled and is definitely putting me off eBay for awhile. Which bums me out because I love selling and buying. People suck sometimes.


Wendy said...

I feel so bad for you. This is why I never got hooked on Ebay. I hated the whole comments thing, because it is power some people shouldn't have.

Hope it doesn't ruin your standing.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

I have bought on ebay but haven't in awhile. I was a great buyer until this one time. I won a bid and contacted the seller over and over for almost a month with no response. When I waited that long I posted a comment explaining and bought the same product from another seller. THEN, the orginal seller contacts me and informs me that it was unfair, that I just wanted to get it from another source and put a bad rating on me! I tried to fight through ebay but they really didn't care. It made me feel horrible and I haven't been on ebay to buy since then.

Good luck with it.

Kelly O said...

My sister had a similar bullshit transaction with some lame-o. It's true, people do suck. (But of course I'm sure you didn't need eBay to tell you that.)

DD said...

If the purchaser was serious, she would have asked ebay to step in as the mediator.

I admit to checking out the negative feedback and following the link to the person who posted. If the feedback is incongruent (you left positive, she left negative), then I know there is something else to the story and rarely take the negative feedback seriously. I believe anyone who is ebay savvy will do the same.

I would strongly recommend you forward those emails to ebay yourself with a request for the them to step in. It may take a while, but this should get the psycho off your back.

Jan B said...

You can rebut bad feedback, I am not sure how, but I have seen it done. I just left positive feedback for a buyer and usually I wait until they leave it for me. Now I am worrying. Ebay can be a pain.

slackermommy said...

Oh no! I hope it wasn't my egg donor. She's crazy and pulls shit like that. I think she gets off on it. Ebay needs to kick her ass off.

Mamma said...

Bitch! I hope she was allergic to it and is now walking around her hometown with lips the size of hotdog buns--the footlong kind.

BethGo said...

The exact same thing happened to me too.
Only for me it was a lot of used baby toys that I sold.
She said they were dirty an one toy was missing on my feedback but she never emailed me about it and it wasn't true.
And she paid me really late and I still left her decent feedback to be nice.
And now I have a blemish on my perfect record thanks to that lying liar.
I hate mean people.

A. Nelson said...

You can both followup to the feedback you have left, and respond to the bad feedback on your account.

Go to your Feedback Forum link, and select either Reply to Feedback Received or Follow up to Feedback Left, and you can put your responses on each of those. Obviously, Reply to Feedback Received allows you to refute her negative untrue feedback, and you can at least leave a nasty message using the Follow up to Feedback Left option. She totally deserves it.

Sorry about that, it happens at least once to everyone...anyone who has been on eBay knows that. *comfort pat*

butterfly girl said...

Don't let one idiot get you down!
If there is other good feedback and she is the only poopy head then most buyers will say, "Oh, that was only one person. There has to be one in every bunch right?"

Send her the you suck bunny, that would be hilarious. Give me her email, I'll send it then she'll be even more whacked out about it! *L*

On another note, what's your view on "Yo Gabba Gabba?" I'm curious!

Mama en Fuego said...

At least your shit sells. Mine just sits there looking retarded. It taunts me every time I walk in my office. "You lame ass, you can't even sell a pair of designer shoes YOU LOSER!!!!"