Mental Issues, Kitchen Update & Picture Day

I was on hold for 68 minutes with Ikea today. Waiting to find out if the price per square foot on their Corian-like counter top was $34 as I recalled or $48 as my husband swears. Then at last I hear..

: Hello?

Me: Oh my God I am mental!


Daughter has turned off
the power bar under my desk and disconnected the cordless phone. So I waited over an hour to tell an Ikea sales rep that "I am mental". Nice. What I was trying to say was "I am mental..from waiting for an hour so by the love of God do not put me on hold again mothertrucker!"

Given my last visit to their returns department I'm pretty sure I've now made the list of scary customers their
security officers reference.

But the appliances are in! They took so long because the gas line needed to be replaced and the water pipes wouldn't pump and the moon was made out of cheese. I reall
y don't know what the hell took so long. But I'm thrilled I didn't have to do the work that husband did and they look awesome! Next up; countertop, trim for bottom cabinets, boxing in that metal tube, lights and backsplash.

And I haven't done a "Corners of my house" picture in so long but I'm posting one of daughter's teeny tiny room now. When we redid the kitchen floors we had Jepson Flooring lay some new wood in her room. There was a carpet that was so full of crunchy and questionable stains that I couldn't walk on it without socks. Had my son spit up on the carpet in the middle of the night I would have been sponging it up with cold water. By the time daughter got here I was like, "Screw it, it'll blend in with the Motrin she spit on the rug yesterday.". But this looks great!

While we're in here, take a look at her awesome cupboard that I GARBAGE PICKED. Yup. A wealthy home owner tossed this antique pie cabinet to the curb because it "smelled musty". She let me haul it off and husband stripped, stained and waxed it.

And I think these drawer knobs from Anthropologie as coat hooks are cute. But my favorite is that wonky blue mirror. It's metal and has a little string (you can't see it) that plays music when you pull it. $4 on eBay my friends.

Husband's working late so I'm going to go and trick the kids into thinking it's actually 8 at night to get them into bed by 6:30. Then I'll embroider, eat 94% fat free popcorn and watch LA Ink. (By the way Ink, your promo is hot but I think running it every 10 minutes might be overkill my friends.) Thanks for stopping in!


Wendy said...

Love the kitchen. It is so bright and homey. Those cabinets are beautiful.

I love your daughter's room. That cabinet is beautiful. I need to travel the rich hoods, although we are use to musty smells down here.

Jenifer said...

The kitchen looks great!
My honest opinion though....don't go with Corianr, it is really expensive and you can't put hot things on it, it stains if the kids spill Kool Aid...etc. We did our kitchen this year and I thought granite was out of my leauge but after pricing it out it was actually cheaper than Corian...and I LOVE it, absolutely indestructible and GEORGEOUS!!

Marmite Breath said...

The kitchen looks AWESOME, Lotta! So does your daughter's room. I love finding stuff that other people have thrown away--it's usually stuff that I am going to LOVE!

Erika, Plain Jane Mom said...

Of course... you know that IKEA has a note in your file about your mental state.

Lotta said...

Wendy - Are you talking dirty to me?

Jennifer - I think we are back to laminate, it's more our $ right now.

Marmite - Thanks! Always happy to see you stopping by!

Erika - Well I pretty much spelled it out for them.

Grim Reality Girl said...

Love, love, LOVE the kitchen!!!! I have awaited these pictures for so long... you realize I'm living through you on the kitchen remod....

I'll take your neighborhood throwaways any time! What an awesome cabinet!!!

You inspire me!!

Kelly said...'re going to love your bottom loading freezer. I just got mine last year and I LOVE IT!

Also, I agree with Jennifer on the counter tops.

And, you could dumpster dive for me any day! Great find!

PamKittyMorning said...

Your kitchen is wonderful Lotta! congrats!

elle said...

Hah! I'm sure Ikea has caller ID and you are now on record as the mental lady covered in bug bites who likes to hang up on service reps and repeatedly return silverware sorters. Let me know the next time you plan to go to Ikea. I'd like to go just to see you top this encounter.

Your kitchen looks so fresh and shiny! Beautiful job on that and your little one's room!

~JJ! said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Gretchen said...

I think I hate you.

No - really - it's beautiful!

mommiebear2 said...

Your kitchen is coming along splendidly!! I love your daughter's room, and you know what they say - one person's trash is another person's treasure.

Katie J said...

Lovely. Are you guys ready to come over and redo my kitchen? No? Shucks.

Belle in Bloom said...

You made me spew a mouth full of coffee all over the wall with "and the moon is made out of cheese." LOL. I needed that. I'm also remodeling a kitchen. Thanks.

Lotta said...

Belle - I love when I do that!

Gretchen - Just wait till I've used it a while. The dew will be off the rose.

Everyone - THANKS!!!

kimberly sherrod said...

After remodeling our house with roof, windows, doors and floor we stopped at the kitchen. I can't imagine tearing it all out and getting it the way I dream- with a dishwasher! I bet you feel as though you are in a new house! I love it! The wood cabinets look great with the silver appliances! Tell husband he did an awesome job! I guess you'll be putting out for a while to "pay him back". Have fun!

Angelina said...

I am experiencing some serious kitchen envy. We just got an Ikea in Portland and I wish I could redo my kitchen. I know you did it on a budget so that's encouraging. My budget right now is nonexistent, but just as soon as it gets better I'm using yours as inspiration.

You would understand my gushing if you saw the eighties wallpaper and cabinets I'm living with right now in my kitchen. Plus mine is half the size of yours. Something we hope to change some day.