My Friends Are Sluts

Muffy over at My Friends Are Sluts asked me if I would make a banner for her blog. I like to pretend I'm a graphic designer. And if my Radio Shack computer could handle it I would be taking some graphic design classes online. But I think if I so much as waved an Adobe Illustrator CD in front of it the thing would implode.

But I gave it a shot using a Limited Edition Adobe Photoshop program that didn't take up as much memory. And I came up with what I think is a fun banner for her site. It was pretty easy because she said she likes those campy graphics I drool over. I found these cool Vintage Porn Magazine Covers and thought they would be perfect for the banner background. Then I hunted down the lipstick napkin, smokes and matches. I resized them and tried to make them as close to scale as I could eyeball.

She posted it (yea!) but also wanted to know where I found my images, so here you go Muffy...

Where I Find My Images:

I get quite a few emails about this. The truth is I have very random thoughts and I just type them into Google instead of bothering friends and family with them. For example, the other day I was thinking about a stash of romance comic books that I got from my grandparents, that led me to think about the Seamonkies I always longed for. And the Seamonkies got me thinking about the time I tried to get rich selling greeting cards via an ad I found in my Chip and Dale comic book. So I went to Google Images and started typing in all these thoughts and found these naughty squirrels. Apparently, you used to be able to write away for a free book about squirrels doing it.

The humping squirrels just happened to be an image that was floating out there. But if I do find something that is part of another blog's story or cool site I always bookmark it so I can try to remember to include a link when I use the image. Like the this Darling Pet Monkey comic book ad I found next. If you click on the ad it will take you to the site that I found the image at. If you use the ad as wallpaper on your work computer you can watch any PETA co-workers lose their shit.

So here's where I go to type in my oddball thoughts:

Google Image Search (This is my favorite!)
(If you create an account you will be able to view images without watermarks)

Because I'm not a designer I'm not totally sure what the image restrictions are. I imagine making and selling tee shirts with a Corbis image isn't cool. But I think you can use it for your personal blog, cards, etc. without concern.

Have fun!


Jennifer said...

I wish that monkey ad was current, I'd love to have a monkey!

Mamma said...

You're so damn creative!!

You should definitely get into design.

Bestie said...

This is Muffy's Bestie (that just doesn't sound right!) and you ROCKED on her banner!! And those humping squirrels? I snorted so loud when I saw that. Thanks for always making me laugh.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

You're the best, Lotta! Thanks again for all your help, You've got da skillzzzz! You're a mastermind! So grateful!

slackermommy said...

This post reminds me of the "If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" books. It would be called "If You Give Lotta An Image Search". My brain works the same way. I have a thought that leads to a bunch of other thoughts and I usually wind up with a bunch of projects going at once.

There some interesting porn at that site. Love the graphic. Nice job!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

That is a great header!

I paid a girl to design my blog (and was happy to do it by the way....just reading about what you did made my head hurt!)

You might want to consider that as an definitely have the talent!

Lotta said...

Thanks all!

Queen - It's been awhile since I've been complimented on my ability to give good head. Thanks for the boost. ;)

Jenny said...

I am so in love with this.

One day you'll have to make me a header. And tell me how to upload it. And...oh never's useless.