Conversation: Limber Loving

It's Friday night and husband and I have mutually agreed to get it on. We're relatively clean, the kids are sleeping, so yea ok lets do it. So we hop into bed and the following conversation takes place;

Husband: Wow, I have to warm up for a second, these sheets are cold. Wait for me baby while I warm up. Are you warmed up?

Me: No wait, Ow - I have to stretch. (Starts stretching out)

Eye contact and then hysterical laughter follows.

Me: We have way too high of an opinion of our sex life.

Husband: No we're just old man.

Me: Amen to that. Pass me my socks.


MnRooMom said...

Now that's Hot! And familiar.

Northern Michigan Mom said...

Sounds like a planned night of gettin' it on here in Northern MI. Not only pass me my socks, I'm already looking hot in the flannel PJ bottoms and top!

Mama en Fuego said...

LOL!! I wish my sex life required stretching.

Speaking of which, I got my MILF swap package last week and I got my post up today ;) (sorry, I was out of town and completely overwhelmed)

slackermommy said...

I always stretch before sex. It's not worth pulling a groin muscle!

Karen Forest said...

and being "cold" is different than being "frigid" right????

Wendy said...

Okay, I will tell this here, because I don't think anyone that really knows me comes here.

The hubby and I agreed to get it on in a hotel one date night. You know to spice things up. We went out to eat and then made our way to the hotel, but first a pit stop. We had to get some aspirin for his back, water because who wants to pay hotel prices, and I was covered because I had a midol before we left the house.

We get to the hotel. We get it on. Afterwards, we watch a movie. Nothing porno which would have been better than the crap we watched. I fell asleep. Finally, we get dress and leave. Being the gentleman, hubby walks me out the back door and to the car. I am a lady, dammit. Then he checks us out, but not before he explains to the hotel clerk about our early get away.

Needless to say we will never appear on HBO's Real Sex.

Karen Forest said...

when I read back over my comment I realized that I failed to mention that it is I that have been accused of being frigid.

I am with you, I am just old. You are lucky that your husband is right there with you though! My husband says he still feels 18...... Good God! I would take a middle aged sex drive over the 18 year old one anyday.

Maybe that is why I am jealous of your "limber loving".

A girl can dream, right?

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

Oh my goodness that's hilarious! At least you have a sense of humor about it!

Oh, The Joys said...

You are TEH SEXY!

cate said...

wow...that sounds sadly and oddly familiar! ;-)

btw, on a side note...i've seen the movie "The Brain that Wouldn't Die" a few years ago...awful! fortunately, i was watching the Mystery Science 3000 version, so they made fun of it the whole way through...i was laughing my ass off!

Lotta said...

We middle aged folks know how to rock the sheets. And then change them!

Wendy said...

No, we old folks know to lay down towels so we can just roll over and go to sleep. If you forget the towels, just scream at your husband: NOT ON THE SHEETS. You scare him half to death and the sexy never ends.