Ebay: Ho Ho Holy Sh#$@!

I randomly found rosacea Santa on ebay tonight. I like that they thought to name this frightening thing a Santa "disguise" cause it looks more like something Santa would use to rob the liquor store than to bring the presents with. Though this would make a perfect gift for your drunk uncle to wear at the holiday party. The adults could drink some spiked nogg and watch drunk uncle scare the sugar right outta the kids. Sounds like a holiday to me.

And this picture just barely caught my eye as I was proofreading a post tonight. It turned up in one of my ebay banner ads with the search term "vintage apron".

The description says it all;

Vintage Photo Big Bald Man in Leather Apron Opens Sack

It doesn't look like anyone bid on this one auction, but I bet if you contacted the seller he would make you a deal. Cause really, who doesn't want a picture of man and his sack?


Veronica said...

Wow, it looks liks a gremlin Santa.


Jennifer said...

I need that laugh this morning! Rosacea Santa?! You are too much. Now I have the strength to get my emissions test done on my van this morning. Thanks, Lotta!

judi said...

I'd have pissed my Christmas panties if I peeked out to see that Santa in my living room!

And, that bald man has got some whopper sized sacks don't he? Dang!

slackermommy said...

You crack me up!

DD said...

"Absolutely safe" was how they marketed that thing? I wonder how the competitors made out with their "Horribly dangerous" santa masks.

mommiebear2 said...

I cant imagine someone ever actually buying that mask?! Santa would no longer be a wanted visitor in my house if that was how he truly looked. And the picture of the man, totally a great cover for a violent horror book....

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am really frightened by both of these things!

Is it weird that the second picture reminds me of the George Costanza boudouir (SP?) pic?

I have a truly warped mind...maybe that is why I like you so much! :)

Anonymous said...

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