I stumbled on a really cool DIY shop called Loosetooth. She's got all sorts of handmade and Cafe Press made accessories and tees. I love the devil tee, and she won me over when I saw she included size 2x. The tee also comes in a quite few other styles, including onesies if you and your child want to shock the Sunday school teacher together.

And I adore her Pill Head shirts. I don't think I need to explain my love affair with pharmaceuticals. But I will say as soon as I have money leftover from my pharmacy co-pays I'm buying this shirt.

She's got tons more cool stuff to check out. Original art, funky pillow people and a sweet set of stamps. Including these Halloween themed ones.

I really like her simple, iconic style of drawing. Best of all she's from my hometown, Chicago! And she's part of the
Chicago Craft Mafia so if you don't buy something she can put a hit out on you. No really, you might wake up with a knitting needle hovering over you if you don't support the familia.