Special Talents

Daughter: (Picking a piece of fabric from my scrap basket) I have it mama? I have it?

Me: Sure, knock yourself out.

2 minutes later

Daughter: I roll it mama! I roll it up! (Repeats over and over and over.)

3 minutes later

Daughter: Look, look, I roll it daddy! I roll it up! (Repeats at least 10 more times)

Husband: She totally gets this from your side of the family.

Me: The OCD or the ability to roll up a tight one?

Husband: Both.

Me: Fair enough.

PS - I am sorry I'm so lame about posting lately. I've been buried with client work. Somehow I got the brilliant idea that watching the kids all day, starting to sew Christmas projects and then working on my client's stuff till bedtime would be easy. Yea. Not so much.


~JJ! said...

Well, now THAT is a very special talent...

hee hee...

She'll be very popular one day!

(I've been slow too...You still rock though)

Northern Michigan Mom said...

I was having Mom-O-Matic withdrawals! Of course you came through with another rockin post that made me laugh! Sorry life is so busy, I know the feeling. Someday we'll get a break!

Julie Pippert said...

Hey there!

And bwahahahahahahahaha!!!!

Using My Words

mommiebear2 said...

Same here with the lack of posting, but hey that is hilarious about your daughter, she will go far in life! ;)

g-man said...

Too funny. Can never learn too early the importance of a good tight roll. The OCD means she can just crank 'em out!

Hope the work thing settles down for a bit.