Craptastic Coasters

The bracelet is disassembled.

Thanks so much for all your valuable comments! I'm going to try this concept again but with some of your suggestions. I've got some thinner grosgrain elastic coming in the mail and the next incarnation will be with smaller buttons. I also ordered up a couple of
bracelet blanks to see if I can't try to use some of these yummy applejuice buttons in another bracelet style.

In the meantime...I bought a batch of scraps from LassieGirl and I'm making them into coasters. I've tried doing these on my own without much luck. They ended up becoming wonky potholders for daughter's play kitchen. Luckily I'm a tenacious kind of crazy cause I found a great tutorial on Martha Stewart that is much easier to follow than my own sewing madness. I don't have a "walking foot" to put on my sewing machine but I did put a quilting needle on the machine and it worked so much smoother.

And the ugly side to crafting? My daughter is naked cause she peed through her pajamas an hour ago and son's nap is beyond overdue. They are both drinking the dregs of my Diet Dr. Pepper and watching cartoons. And I'm still in my pjs with a sink full of dishes to do. But I got three coasters done!

Update: Ignoring naked daughter has it's perks - she pooped in the potty! Viva la Potty Power!


Mamma said...

crafting=potty training

I like this math!!

Miss Jess said...

I love your coasters/potholders!! Uber cuteness! I'm hoping to make most of my Christmas gifts this year as well! Keep up the creativity!

Jenny said...

I love those buttons so dang much.

Bakelite = awesomeness.

I can't wait to see the finished product!