Picture Day!

Have I mentioned how many wads my camera sucks? Cause it does. It sucks wads. A lot of them. I took this picture in a super bright room and yet it looked like picture of a black dog at night until I messed with it in Photoshop. Handsome son is the one in the blue shirt.

So glad this one managed to turn out somewhat brighter. How good looking are my children? "Like looking into the sun" is the correct answer here.

The snowman son make out of a tube sock. Cutest damn Christmas decoration we own!

Husband's father and stepmother took us to see The Chicago Symphony Orchestra's Christmas program. It got a little long for the kids, but man was it pretty. The dancers looked like they stepped out of the movie White Christmas. And the audience sang some carols with the orchestra. The whole thing gave me goosebumps. It's not Christmas for me until I hear a room full of people singing Silent Night.

Um, when did son become a boy? Like a BIG boy that yells, "Awesome!" and "Score!" when his skeeball hits the alien.
Never before have I heard my own parenting thrown back at me like I do with daughter. Yesterday she pushed her shopping cart into the room and announced, "I'm being mommy so I CAN YELL AT YOU!". At Chuck E Cheese she said, "This game is making me crazy!" and "Stop it, you're making me nervous!". I'm just waiting for her to yell "NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!". In this picture she's saying "This is my guy. He's my special guy." so it can't be all bad.


Karen Forest said...

too cute!

Definately "like looking into the sun."

Mamma said...

They're gorgeous!! Just like their mommy.

Betsy said...

They really are beautiful kids.