Sometimes I scare myself too.

Driving in the car this afternoon I heard a man's voice. It was low and deep and sounded like "Whaaaaakiisssmaass". Since the radio was off my heart began to race. What could it be? Did someone climb into the car somehow. You know, while it was moving. I was near panic attack when son says, "Mom - aren't you going to answer your phone?"


I had forgotten that I programmed the ringer to play White Christmas. And my battery was dying out so Bing Crosby sounded like he was on Ludes. "Whaaaaakiisssmaass".

It reminded me of the time Kevin Charnas's parents woke up one night convinced that there was an ice cream truck downstairs in the living room playing the diddley dee song over and over again. Because, apparently it was logical to them that a demented, house-breaking ice cream man was lying in wait in his truck. Well hell, it could have been worse. Mr. Crosby could have been hiding in the backseat.


Jennifer said...

Sweetie what are you smoking?

Back in the day I dabbled in recreational substances and I saw the Scooby-Doo van in it's cartoon form following me around for a few hours.

IamSusie said...

These stories crack me up!

You are coming to MeetUp tonight right? I'm bringing some Japanese books for you to look at. I have mostly felt craft, but also other things. We also are doing a craft swap, but that's optional. We can talk Etsy too.

mommiebear2 said...

That is hilarious, it reminds me of my hubby who likes to change his ringtone when he has been drinking and then when it goes off the next day he stands there looking around wondering where the hell that song/sound is coming from.

Lotta said...

Jennifer - I don't think it's nice to bogart the good stuff. If you've got something that will make me see Scooby Doo you better dig it out of your shoe box and send some over. ;)

IamSusie: That's the plan! It all hinges on husband getting his fine white ass home on time. He has his holiday party at work today. But I am planning on coming and can't wait to see you.

Mommie - Ok I'm positive we would be friends now.

Wendy said...

I am sure it is no weirder than me waking up every 5 minutes wondering if a human with rabies was trying to eat my face off, last night.

We all have our little quirks.