Winnah! Worst Christmas Evah Contest!

Carol and I loved all of your stories for the Worst Christmas Contest! Though I must admit I especially laughed at MommieBear's;
"One year, one of my Uncles gave everyone in the family one towel. He had purchased a towel set and everyone got a piece from it. I got the washcloth."
And the fact that Nor Lou had to drag her presents out of murkey poo water after a toilet overflowed is just priceless Christmas memory making. But in a super generous mood Carol decided to give all 8 commenters a free box of Hate Mail Greetings Christmas cards! Sweet.

There's only one stipulation - you all have to email me your addresses by early Friday morning at the very latest because Carol is Canadian and they're weird like that. No really, because that's Carol's mailing deadline. So would the following Winnahs! email me at tsvobo1526 at

Jan Ely


mommiebear2 said...

Holy crap!!!!! I am so excited, see that dman washcloth totally paid off! :)

mommiebear2 said...

PS. Love the video!! I am already thinking of people I want to send them to!!

Jan Ely said...

Thank you, thank you! This was a lucky day for me! These cards will be perfect for my mediocre yearly Christmas letters!