Good Like Candy!

I have had three four Etsy sales so far! And each one was a total thrill. There is something about selling what you have made yourself that makes you feel all satisfied and happy. Like it's worth the peeling fingertips and epoxy glue cancer.

Jenny from Mama Drama and The Bloggess bought a ring that looks like a big round piece of Hubba Bubba gum. She says she's going to give it away to some readers. So check in with her aft
er she sobers up from her Blog Con Queso party. (If anyone else would like to do a promotion on their blog I'll be happy to supply a giveaway. Just let me know!)

Both of my depression glass bracelets got snatched up on the first day they went up! So I'm taking the hint and making more. In the meantime, I did put some rings up that use a mix of depression era glass buttons and vintage buttons. They are all pearly and sparkly and remind me of hard candies.

I will be crafting my big white heine off this weekend to stock the shop up a bit more. So keep checking in! The glue is drying on some cool hair slides right now. So bring your nickels when you come by the shop because every time you don't buy something from my store a unicorn dies. No I'm kidding. Maybe.


mommiebear2 said...

I would love to do a promotion for your blog! Also, I get paid next wek and then am totally buying something from you!

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

Congrats!!! Maybe you can show me how to get my photographs selling more. I am at a loss.

Wendy said...

You are very talented and have a great eye for the materials you choose. That ain't no joke.

I like that ruby red braclet in your post, but I didn't see it in the shop.

I will be bookmarking your shop and when something strikes my fancy I am going to snap it up.

Lotta said...

Thanks all!

The ruby bracelet sold. If you look in the right hand column you will see a hyperlink that says "Sold" and you can see what that seller has, well, sold. The bracelet now lives there. But I'll try to make more!

Wendy - Much too kind! Thanks!