Late Night Crafting

I love it when a mental issue becomes productive. I've been up in the wee hours of the night with too much on my mind lately. But rather than freak myself out by watching late night reruns of Paranormal State I've been making jewelry. And I'm really excited about this Cherry Czech bracelet. It's all wire and clasps baby. No glue at'tall. And it's got some of my favorite buttons on it.

I will be listing as a I find spare moments over the next few days. I've got a few more necklaces to put up, some cool magnets, loose buttons that I'm not using and vintage paper for collage.

Bring your nickels!


Mamma said...

Look at you go!!

I can't wait to go shopping.

lildb said...

what keeps blowing me away is your photos. they're SO good.

(well, that's a lot because the subject is lovely; but you're just featuring the items so beautifully. I love it.)

Lotta said...

Mama - Well I can hardly wait for you to go shopping too!

Lil - Man, that's nice to hear because I'm always dogging on my photos. Too dark, etc.