Didn't We Just Do This?

We found out yesterday that son needs to have his adenoids and tonsils removed too. At first we didn't think he would need the surgery as his tonsils were quite normal. The Ear Nose and Throat doc gave us yet another allergy med and sent us home. When the allergy med didn't work (again) I came back and insisted that he check the dude's adenoids. It was a motherly hunch backed by a whole lot of symptom Googling.

They put a teeny tiny cotton ball soaked with a numbing agent up his left nostril. Then scurried out of the room. I figured out why they made the fast exit when son started screaming. You would have thought they shoved a metal spike up his nose. But he was wailing and screaming because it felt strange and tasted yucky. Since I insisted on this test I felt like the staff surely thought I had Munchausen syndrome and was enjoying the chaos.

When they came back in to put the adenoid scope up his nose the doctor was astounded. "These are enormous! This normally doesn't present this way unless the tonsils are large too!". So score one for mother's intuition! I love a good dose of Benadryl as much as the next mother, but it seemed like the medicine we kept pouring down son's throat never helped him. So I'm hopeful that removing these meteorite sized adenoids will give him some relief.

But I'm totally scheduling this surgery on the weekend. I love son - but I am burnt out on the ER/hospital tour that I've been working since the kids were born. It's time for husband to spend the night making sure the kid doesn't pull out his IV. Lulling the child to sleep only have to the night nurse come in and flick the glaring overhead light on. Or trying to run to the bathroom and back to the bed before the child tries to flee the room.

And son is a particularly exhausting ride. When he was 2 and in the hospital to figure out the cause of his too frequent febrile seizures we discovered he is resistant to sedatives. The doctor knocked him out for the MRI. But the little Houdini woke up, unstrapped himself and crawled out of the machine. Swear to God. We were waving to the technicians (who were all safely behind the glass) to shut off the machine as husband grabbed son.

God I'm tired just thinking about it.


jakelliesmom said...

A smarter doctor would have reviewed your family history and given you a two for one special, I'm thinking.

I hope this is an end to some misery. What a drag.

~Diet Goddess~ said...

What a coincidence! My 9 yr old son is having his adenoids removed (tonsils are fine) on March 7th! We're about an hour west of Springfield, IL, and that's where the surgery will take place. Maybe you can come down and we could get a two-fer like jakelliesmom suggested. What do you think?

Good luck with your procedure! I'll be thinking of you guys!

Jennifer said...

Good luck to son! I know the surgery sucks but hopefully this will fix his problems.

Smart move with that weekend scheduling so that husband can pull hospital duty!

Hetha said...

I like your weekend plan, wait until you get some back-up, or better yet *be* the back-up. Poor son, I hope he recovers as well as daughter.

And I know all too well about that syndrome as I have called the paramedics for my son (who stopped breathing and turned blue), but by the time they arrived had recovered and was totally normal. This actually has happened a few times. Finally he did it in the ped's office and I breathed a sigh of relief that they didn't think I was making it up.

Reluctant Housewife said...

My brother had his adenoids out and his sinuses enlarged when he was about 13. He felt much better and was able to actually blow his nose for the 1st time afterwards. My mother could never understand why he wasn't able to figure out how to blow his nose. He also had terrible ear infections before they were removed.

Good for you for recognizing the symptoms. Hope your dude feels better soon.

Lotta said...

Thanks for your comments all! I'm betting on him feeling a whole lot better once it's done. I just feel bad that he has to do it!

Katrina said...

Josh (my 13yo) is getting ready to have that done too. It stinks when the babies are sick (and they are our babies no matter how old or tall they are.) ;o)

Hang in there, it'll be fine.

Angelina said...

I hope the surgery goes smoothly and that the kid doesn't wear you out too much in the process of helping him feel better!

Mitzi Green said...

joy, bliss. btw, benadryl has been known to cause reflux in the younger set when taken routinely. which is why my own kid puked constantly until age 1, when he got his ear tubes. good luck.

Aimee Greeblemonkey said...

oh man! you poor things!