Etsy Seller: Rural Abandon

I found this Etsy shop called Rural Abandon that sells these awesome pendants that are created out of your child's artwork! I'm always getting busted for throwing that stuff away, so this might be my ticket outta trouble.

(Because honestly, I want to preserve their art. But after 50 rocket drawings that are EXACTLY THE SAME, I'm burying those masterpieces under some scrambled eggs and coffee grounds.)

I think this would be really cool to wear. And if you're ever called in for a parent teacher conference because your child drew the family in black crayon with thunder clouds and killer bees, then you are totally required to make it into a pendant. Totally.


tootsiegrace said...

Awesome! I will have to get one of those for everyone I know, because they just cant get enough of my daughters artistic genius... at least thats what I tell myself...

Great pendants, great feature.

lildb said...

I can do that, too, but with embroidery. on shirts and bags and shit. "fadoodles." ('cause it sounds like fadiddle, only with the word "doodles" mixed in. clever. Kristen/Motherhood Uncensored thought of it.)

I know. way to toot my own horn, huh? I'm all, oh, I do that, and shit.

sorry I just swore twice in one comment. it's the phlegm's fault.

mommiebear2 said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one who doesnt save every bit of "art" work. ;)