Man Cold

I swear I'm not cold hearted. I'll be shredded tomorrow after son goes through surgery. But right now I'm trying to stay positive and I do that by having a laugh about what makes me nervous.

So it's natural that as I dread the whiney that will come from son post surgery I think of this video;


PamKittyMorning said...

Good luck tomorrow! xo

Lori said...

That is just so funny and soooo true!

Little Monkies said...

Knowing that whine is right around the corner is like steeling yourself for walking down the Mag Mile in the dead of winter...the wind just blasting you and your body wanting to turn inside out because it's such a bitter blast. I don't envy that.

(I had a sick husband this weekend and at the end of it I wanted to scream "BUCK UP, DAMNIT!" but was a good wifey and just smiled. Barf.)