I've got more of these
hair slides than I have the time to photograph. So I'll give away two to the commenters that share their best hair trauma story.

Here's mine.

And I guess this counts too.

And you?


Anonymous said...

You think you have it bad? This woman is nationally known as the crazy bride who cut her own hair.

Amy Esther said...

I was once interning at a Washington think-tank, and I went to go have my auburn highlights redone. The hairdresser, totally distracted talking to someone else, without even talking to me, put in evenly spaced bleach blonde streaks all the way around my very dark brown hair!
My boyfriend said I looked like a Japanese tiny-bopper...he couldn't stop laughing. It was surely the only haircut that made me cry...

coquet's cache said...

As an adult, I was looking through old black and whites of my cousins, and there was this one little boy who I couldn't identify. Neither could my younger sister. For a few days, even.

Ok, yep, it was me. My short haircut made me look like a boy, and as you can imagine, I don't do short hair. Ever again.

Becky said...

My husband and I left our (then) 18-month-old daughter with my mom so we could go to a New Year's Eve party...while we were gone, she took it upon herself to give our daughter her first haircut because she "got tired of seeing her hair hanging in her eyes." She didn't say anything about it until the next morning when we noticed the ragged/slanted bangs she'd cut. Even better, she THREW THE HAIR AWAY!!!! I had to dig it out of the trash so I'd have some for her baby book.

Paula said...

When I was 14 my father thought he would surprise me with a gift certificate to a salon near his work. This place really only serviced the shampoo and set crowd. My dad had made an appointment with the owner because he thought that was impressive. I told the man I would like to have my bangs feathered as that was the big style at the time. He had a conference of sorts with several of the ladies which I realize now was them trying to figure out what feathered bangs were. He ended up kind of chopping my bangs at an angle to chin length and then putting enough aqua net on them to make them stick behind my ears. When my mom picked me up I was in tears and sat in the floor of the car all the way home so no one would see me. My mom tried everything to fix it and ended up taking me to a barber shop later that evening. The barber looked at my hair and burst out laughing. He fixed it but my hair ended up being several inches shorter than I wanted. My dad never quite understood my 14 yo trauma and I know my mom was glad when that day was over.

plumtickled said...

I was fourteen and had been growing my hair out for months and months so I could have my hair "one length", which was all the rage at that time.

I took my $5.50 and walked to my hairdresser. I told her I wanted my hair to all be one length and my bangs to stick up. (Looking back I shouldn't have pointed to the top of my head but used the word "bangs".)

So, she looked at me funny and repeated what I wanted. ALL ONE LENGTH AND TO STICK UP HERE.

Uh huh.

The haircut the crazy bitch gave me was all one length all right but I ended up with the entire circumference of the top of my head about 1/2" long. She spiked the entire top of my head. It looked like a football field with a bedskirt around it.

I ran all the way home. My parents allowed me to stay home from school the next day. They also allowed me to go to my friend Jeanna's house so we could figure out a way to work with it. We ended up doing a basic "comb-over" and atatching my now grown out sides to the top of my head covering the "artificial turf" that was now my hair.

The next day at school...... my boyfriend sent his friend over to ask me if I was going to get my haircut like this again.

I yelled at him...... "NO".
And ran away.

To this very day, I will not go to get my hair done without a picture.

The end.

Hetha said...

I got nothing in the way of a story, but wanted to say that looking at those pictures of your hairslides is reason enough to continue growing my hair out. I'm going from a really short look to a medium look and am currently rockin' a serious mullett.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

When I was in junior high all the girl had that big texas giant bang look and I didn't because I didn't have bangs so I put my hair in a top-knot which took like 8,000 bobbypins and a bottle of Rave spray and then I curled the tips to look like bangs and put on a hat to cover the horribleness that was going on so all you could see was the big bang bouffant. Of course when I got to school I was told that I could not wear a hat it class and so everyone saw my horrible, home-made bangs nightmare. Then I took out all the bobby pins but of course the Rave kept the shape, plus I had all these little curly puffs at the end that used to be bangs.


Tizzalicious said...

Aaah, that really is a hair drama!

Mine...Hmm, I once wanted a shorter style and told a very funky hairdresser that he could do whatever. I never should have said that, because I KNOW hairdressers like to go I came out of the salon looking like a boy! I dyed my hair pink just to make clear I am, in fact, a very girly girl!

Anonymous said...

Step One (we can have lots of fun):

I had just gotten my drivers license. It was the paper version...the real one hadn't shown up yet. My mother allowed me to take her new Pontiac sedan to go get my haircut. I had a picture and everything. It was 1989, and bitch gave me Mary Lou Retton hair.

I was sooo upset. I was trying to pull out of the parking lot, then realized that I couldn't make it. I put the car into reverse, and angrily went backwards...into a Honda Accord.

The guy was really cool about it. It seems that the lady in the front seat was not Mrs. Honda Accord owner, so he kept it on the down low when it came to insurance and finding fault.

Step Two (there's so much we can do): Boredom, money in your pocket and a pharmacy never mix. Sure, there have always been ill fated hair dye adventures. However, I saw the words "Easy, Painless DIY Bikini Wax," and I wondered, "Are the frostingless cupcake ladies onto something that I don't know about?"

I went home and started on one side, doing strips about half an inch wide. I finally stopped when I got about halfway. I called my friend sobbing, "My coochie looks like Tommy Lee Jones in Batman Forever!"

Step Three (it's just you and me): Just two weeks ago, I bought a new "bikini trimmer," (stupid dog chewed up the last one.) This is a full scale "personal trimmer" with extra attachments. My short attention span/MTV Generation/retriever puppy "oooh, what's that?! self was intrigued by the "eyebrow" attachment.

Let me start by saying, I don't have eyebrows like a Russian prime minister or anything. I tend to brush them upward and trim away any long hairs with cuticle scissors. But, now I have a gadget!!!

It seems that if I had finished reading the instructions (which are clearly for wimps and other fearful, unadventurous types) I would have seen that there is a comb like attachment to keep you from shaving your eyebrows completely off.

Luckily, if there is any luck to be had in this tale, I took off the outer third of the right one. Horrified, I realized that we had to create symmetry, and I had to purposefully do it to the left one.

Now, rather than looking like a wannabe Russian PM, I look like Kristy Joe from "Rock of Love," who keeps allowing herself to be filmed sans eyebrows.

A quick google search and less than $10 at Target got me some brow stencils and brow powder, and I almost looked normal.

Did I mention that this was right before we went to Italy for my brother's wedding? Yes, in addition to trying to figure out a way to say "Hi, I'm Christian's short, round, American sister," to the fashionable, lithe Italians, I had to make sure that I got up and filled in my brows every morning, lest I look like a crazy VH1 reality TV skank.

Step Four (I can give you more): okay, I can't. I just wanted to complete the NKOTB lyrics. It's a hair tragedy in three acts...with three different kinds of body hair.

By M'Lynn

Lotta said...

M'Lynn is totally in the lead for admitting she has Chola brows.

"rather than looking like a wannabe Russian PM, I look like Kristy Joe from "Rock of Love," who keeps allowing herself to be filmed sans eyebrows."