Oh The Love!

Have I mentioned how insanely important all of your love and support is? The emails, the comments, the visits, the links - it's what keeps my dosages low. Jenny got me down to one Xanax today by sharing her Daily Dose award with me. Because that's just what kind of virtual BFF she is. She shares her virtual drugs.

Today Jessica from Oh The Joys has blown me away. She not only Photoshopped us into sexy dance numbers - but models jewelry from the shop. Amazing.

Jessica and I at BlogHer07.
This was taken about 30 plus pounds ago.
Yet another reason to try to get to BlogHer08 and prove I'm now down to one chin


Mamma said...

Girl, you're beautiful! 30 lbs or not.

Oh, and by the way, so is your jewelry.

Mama Drama Jenny, the Bloggess said...

30 pounds or not...you are hot.

There's no hiding that level of adorableness.