This Nip's For You

Motherhood Uncensored has uncovered my subliminal Etsy advertising plan. Namely, to make everything look like nipples.

She first blew the top off when she mentioned that the ring I was giving away at The Bloggess looked like an overly large nip. Perhaps, a post breastfeeding bubbie. And she lowered the curtain this morning when she figured out that my new Love Hurts Bracelet also looked like a bunch of glass nibs in a cold room.

I think it's now safe to confess that it's no coincidence I work with "buttons" in all my jewelry making.
Had Motherhood spent some time further browsing my shop she would know that my plan is actually far more sinister. Can you find the subtle sexual manipulation in this product shot? Well that one was easy. What about this one? (Hint: Look at what the jewelry is on)

(For the sarcastically impaired. No, I didn't make everything look like nipples on purpose. That's just evidence of my twisted psyche at work. Expect a series of uneven nipple earrings next as I come to grips with my lack of symmetry.)


JoeInVegas said...

Sorry, I don't see any of that in any of those. And if a sexual reference is present most guys find it first.
What does MU have on her mind?

Lotta said...

Joe - Maybe you're so used to seeing nips in Vegas that my evil plan didn't work on you?

Nipple Freak said...

I think you need to rename your business "Nipple Envy"


Mitzi Green said...

i don't see nipples in your stuff, frankly--i see bubble gum. and hard candy. does that mean i'm an over-eater?

Oh, The Joys said...

Weren't you planning to send me some nipple samples for the nipple fashion show?

Queen of the Mayhem said...

WAIT! I was uninformed about the nipple fashion show! Now...I am just mad! (hee-hee)

Love the jewelry...nipples or not! :)

tootsiegrace said...

It is a wonder that my own shop isn't full of images like your first product shot. My husband has a "fun" little game of arranging two round things with a long thing anywhere in our house he can. I am constantly finding little odes to manhood everywhere I go.

I look forward to a good laugh over your blog everyday!


Becky said...

If you want the earrings to be REALLY anatomically correct, you should make one slightly bigger than the other!