Etsy Secrets

I joined up with a few other Etsy sellers to contribute to Etsy Secrets. Etsy Secrets was the fantastic brainstorm of DragonInKnots. She thought the sellers should get together to create a coupon blog for Etsy.

I posted a free shipping coupon up today. Montagyoo is offering a free photo magnet with purchase. And there are many other really nice looking shops up there that are offering some sweet Etsy discounts.

If you have an Etsy shop and would like to offer a coupon. Contact me and I will be happy to work with you to get the info needed to post it up!


IamSusie said...

Maybe I need to be like regular retailers and raise my prices so it doesn't feel like it would hurt to offer discounts at my etsy shop. Pricing is so very tricky!

Your button collection is really fantastic!

Lotta said...

Susie - Part of the reason I'm nervous about the wholesale visit is that I price SO close to the margin on Etsy. My profit is small so to cut the price by 40% would have me breakign even on some items. I hope she gets that when I give her a price list that's going to be higher than she might expect after looking at my stuff online.

I'm hoping she'll be dazzled by the jewels and not worry about it.

Kelly said...

You's little gems like these that keep me from "marking all as read" on my reader even though I'm 1000's of entries behind! Thanks for the tip.