Happy Happy Mail Time!

I just about started making out with my postman today. I was so dang excited about the things I got in the mail.

Piles of awesome buttons from EBay and Etsy. Including these amazing ones from Vintage Necessities. She picks out the nicest buttons for her shop. Totally beats buying Grandma's tin button box on EBay to find that only 4 of a 100 buttons are worthwhile.

And I've had this Character Culture Citizenship Guide (1936) for years and have been searching high and low for more of the series. I just think the artwork is so gorgeous, and God Bless the passive aggressive conduct message. Our great grandmothers knew how to tell you that your pits stank in the loveliest of ways.

So finally finding more on EBay was a giant thrill. I've had a search up for these buggers for about a year now. I won the Cooperate poster and the very nice seller threw in the Protect The Birds for free because it has a tiny tape tear on the bottom. I don't even care - I'm so in love with these.

And this felted strawberry necklace came in the mail as part of a shop swap I did with Rosemary4Remembrance. If you think it looks incredibly clever, you would be correct. But see it in person and you will swoon with the freaking cuteness of it. I hope she wants more rings because I'm ready to swap for more for my nieces!

And this owl didn't come today, but I've been meaning to post a picture of it for awhile. Had you asked me a year ago if I would be willing to spend $40 on a stuffed owl I would have been all, "No way man, that's like an entire spring wardrobe at The Walmart!". But I've really grown to appreciate how these handmade gems are little stand alone art pieces.
Old School Acres doesn't stock a full shop. So you'll have to check in from time to time to see if she has any new ones up. The best way is to read her blog as she usually gives readers notice when an owl is coming to roost at Etsy.

We also got 2 Blue Cross Blue Shield bills in the mail today. Which doesn't sound thrilling - but about 4 years ago we had such terrible insurance it drove us under. So seeing a bill that says, "You may owe your provider $12.45" is pretty much like reading health care porn.

UPDATED: Here's a few that I've had framed since this post.

I had to crop the mats pretty close since the edges were very tattered, and had cello tape and pushpin holes. But I still adore them!


Mamma said...

Pussy washing and health care porn--I need to go take a shower now.

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You have the best taste...ever.

You need to be my personal shopper. Also, I need money to pay you. Get busy on that, will ya?

decoratorgirl said...

I know the thrill of a good mail day! I got my wonderful Lucky Strike necklace last week and was all a twitter over the package, the soap, the details! Loved it! I obviously am not doing NEAR enough online shopping! Loved the pictures of so many lovelies all at once!

Melanie said...

oh my! I love your mail too. I got mail today too...big boxes from UPS...fabric, well I guess that's kinda like my porn. WHAT? Hopefully my family doesn't read this!

PamKittyMorning said...

Ohhh I love your owl.. I have one too. Her owls are lovely..

And that snickers salad. I LOVE THAT and make it often when I want a treat. ALL FOR ME.

Lotta said...

Mama - I like to slip in the dirty on the sly.

Jenny - If only.

Decorator - You are too kind! I'm so glad you love your necklace.

Melanie - Fabric is porn.

And I found out about Old School because I saw an owl on Pam's site and had to have one.

kathi d said...

I think *I* want to kiss your mailman! Great stuff!

Rosebud Collection said...

Something exciting getting packages in the mail..What an interesting array of things you have on your blog. Really wonderful stuff..that little necklace was something else.
What work..

Old School Acres said...

I'm glad you like the owl (and hope you don't think it was too much of a waste of money ;) )

Muffy Willowbrook said...

That owl is adorable! And also the strawberry necklace. You have such great taste, i wish I could find gems like that!

Felicia said...

Such a cute owl, how could you resist :)

karrie said...

You have such a great sense of style. Love it!

Joie said...

I read your link to being depleted. I never knew. Financial crises like this should never, ever happen to hard-working people like you and your husband. In the wealthiest country in the world we still can't figure out how to help take care of each other. (I am not sure such financial calamities should happen whether one is "hard-working" or not but that is a different conversation). From your more recent postings it sure seems that things are much better - financially and health-wise. Peace to you.

Lotta said...

Joie - Thanks, that was sweet of you to leave a comment about it. Things are MUCH better. It was a really rough few years.

The health care system is insane. I can't bring myself to watch the documentary Sicko because I know it will make me sick. Maybe in a few years.

Lotta said...

Doh! And thanks to everyone else too. I feel like I have such randmom tastes. But I'm really into the handmade stuff lately. It just feels so warm and lovely versus a Target buy.