Wholesale Stash Part I

I usually start sorting, washing and glueing buttons after the kids have gone to bed around 8. Lately I have been having a hard time falling asleep at night. It finally dawned on me that it was because I was using the insanely strong and potent E6000 epoxy till 11 or 12 at night and then trying to fall asleep. I was too high on fumes to slumber. But I did have some wild dreams. One of which involves me on a boat with Ernie and Bert the night after Lemon Life sent me this video link.

The picture above is Part I of my wholesale stash. Part 2 is drying or half assembled button charm bracelets and necklaces. I'm supposed to meet with two different wholesalers who asked me to "call them after spring break". I have no idea how to do wholesale whatsoever. But I figure the more I can show the better. And if it's not a fit then I have a sweet bunch of stuff for the Etsy shop.

(PS - I still need to clean the buttons above. And by "clean" I mean sit under a bright light with a pair of tweezers and pick off any glue that shows).


camillaknits said...

Darling chica,
Please send me one of those fabulous pepper-minty looking button rings. I simply can't take it anymore, and if I have to keep seeing it on your blog, it's gonna make me lose my friggen' monkey. (And that uses up the xanax.) I don't "do" paypal, since my identity was stolen from them, so e-mail me when you get a minute and I'll mail you some tucking money. *mwah* (your blog is a right bright spot in my day. do not tell me I need more meds. I like your style, dollie) Cami

kathi d said...

Please don't say "monkey" because that makes me remember "monkey cage" and that makes me start laughing till I wet my pants again.

Thank you.

Sarah O. said...

I LOVE your buttons. I'm going to stop by your Etsy shop as soon as I finish this comment!

Wow, I remember when glue sniffing was a big drug problem at my high (puns never intended) school.