Buttons And Some Jello

Ok, these pictures are a little fuzzy - but so is my brain. It's midnight and I've finally got everything together to meet with this really amazing boutique that focuses on vintage style items in the morning.

But I've still got to type up a wholesale price list and make sure I have son's show and tell item ready for tomorrow. Gah! This post should pretty much solve the mystery of how I get all this stuff done with two small children - I stay up very late. Much too late. Chances are if you are wearing one of my rings I made it for you while watching some bad basic cable.

The tray! In my head I have this vision of a vintage child's suitcase totally outfitted so that I can carry my jewelry around in style. The reality is a galvanized metal tray and a hodge podge of containers. Including some small Jell-o tins that I planned to turn into gift "baskets".

These glass button flowers are a new item. My picture doesn't do them justice I'm afraid.

And these charms are freaking fantastic. I ordered the retro food from the two incredibly nice sisters that own Inedible Jewelry. The bracelet is called "Church Basement Charm Bracelet" because it has the foods that are absolutely standard at any Lutheran gathering. Then a green Jell-o mold necklace and a turkey on a spit necklace. These are going to be a bit pricey though. The charms cost $6 each to have made. So that bracelet alone is a small fortune. But it's so dang cute.

Ok, my eyes are crossing. I'm off to finish this excel sheet and then hit the sheets. Where husband will mumble, "Whattheheckareyoudoing. Whattimeisit. Mmmm? Huuuh? Gotobedalready" and then roll over.


Gretchen said...


Hope the show goes well.

And would you get some sleep already?!?

Jenny, the Bloggess said...

You are so damned talented it makes me want to vomit.