View With Caution. Really.

I like all kinds of art. I like found art.

Modern art. Art by new artists. Advertisements as art. Animation as art. Kitschy art. I even respect the idea of performance art.

But this is NOT art. The artist claims that it was "a creative fiction designed to draw attention to the ambiguity surrounding form and function of a woman’s body." Gosh, really? I'm sticking with "not art" and adding "horrid, degrading and really sick".

I'm not usually one to get up in arms about art and politics. I tend to take a you're right, I'm right - let's have an intelligent discussion approach. But this "creative fiction" just brought me right into black and white, right and wrong world. And it's just so very wrong.


Anonymous said...


Emily said...

NOT art.

Mental incapacity on display.

Tragic Fashion Sense.

The Unhinging of Western Civilization.

Nutter you never want your son to bring home for Thanksgiving.

NOT art.

Katie J said...

I like creative freedom. I don't have to enjoy art for it to be art. However, I think there is a line and she crossed it. I know miscarriages, and they are not art.

And that outfit is hideous.

Katrina said...

I think this chic needs a mental health evaluation...seriously.

AND some education about how pregnancy occurs and the psychological trauma of miscarriage.

AND most importantly, a big ol' can of whoop-ass opened up on her by her momma for not having better sense than to pull something like that.

caution said...

I agree with katie j's comments about artistic freedom, but I am still amazed that a senior at ANY college (let alone Yale) would be so immature. I also don't appreciate the way she is playing the press right now: it was a hoax; it wasn't a hoax. What if we all simply ignore her?

so tired said...

It's a hoax...... her version of performance art.

I prefer slapstick.

JoeInVegas said...

Whatever version it is, I would have to agree with the school about 'raising serious mental health concerns'.

The Introvert said...

Whether it is a hoax or not, it was completely unnecessary. Her lack of regard for human life (her own or her unborn children) is appalling. And it's a complete slap in the face to millions of couples who try to conceive every day.

Lotta said...

Normally, I would be all about artistic freedom - but this really got under my skin.

And if it is a mental health issue, are there no teachers mentoring this woman?

meera said...

it is disturbing, and I don't think that I have EVER been compelled to think so much about my uterus, my birth control methods. I am thankful for this womans public expression. And I am devestated that such a piece resonates with me.

I am not in a relationship with a partner who can provide financial support for any dependants. I cannot provide the same treatment for my partner. We are in no position to take care of the economic needs of a child. Most of my peers(24-32) have the same lifestyle realities. We are working at a range in the payscale that barely takes care of 1 adult.

The thought of having a child I could not care for is terrifying. I hope that someday I will be able to offer my "as-yet-unmet" child a place to live, to offer them consistent nutrition and a relatively stress free life. Today I cannot. I don't have much hope for the next 10 years either.

The last time I had a condom break(I had forgotten to take the pill) , I was with my boyfriend of 5 years, due to timing of my was likely could end in conception.Not having a plan B on hand,I gaged down 2 separate doses of 4 birth control pills, and prayed that whatever potential there was in my body would terminate itself out of mercy for us both.

The whole experience struck me as very sad.

my vote? it is incredibly sick,it says something about our social creation, and it is art.

HellesBelles said...

That is so horrendously awful that I want to punch her. I honestly do not understand people in this world and to take something as sacred as life and play with it or even pretend to is beyond the pale. I understand that there are circumstances that cause people to choose to have an abortion. However purposely impregnating yourself in order to kill that unborn child borders on murder and I could cry to think that anyone would think of doing this. If you want a child, have a child. If you don't, don't. But don't do this. NOT ART

Suzanne said...

NOT ART...Sick and depraved, whether her impregnations were true or not, it's not edgy or's just sick.

It reminds me of the art students who were chosen to create Christmas ornaments to adorn one of the trees in the White House. What did these budding artists come up with? Angels made from druggies hypodermic needles, decorated condoms, and assorted other totally inappropriate stuff. Needless to say, artistic freedom or not the ornaments were rejected.