Mother Fiddlesticker!

Adriane from Flea D'Lure wins the Your Mama contest. Mostly because of her inherited tendency to fake swear, which reminds me of my favorite commercial.
"My Mother uses swear words like "snicker doodle" and "fiddlesticks" and "crummy buttons". I have caught myself saying these same kind of phrases . I was cut off in traffic by an asshole with a death wish. My natural, maternal reaction was to swerve, flip the bird and scream: Mother F-f-f-fiddlesticker!"
So pick something (or a few things) out from the shop Adriane! Anything up to 15 smackers. Buy them, but don't pay for them. Just like when you were in Junior High at Claire's Boutique. But I am going to have to ask that you replace "asshole" with "butter buns" from now on.



Kelley said...

Or replace it with the more classy 'arsehole'

Us Aussies know how to use profanity with class...

adriane said...

Wow, I feel like I need to make an acceptance speech, Your the ever-lovin best Lotta!

Sit Stay Vintage Realistic Dog Button Hair Slide (for me)

Bluebell Earrings (for my Mom)

these are my picks! I've been eyeballing those ding-dang hair slides forever.

my email is

thank you again Lotta!

Deb said...

Uh, well, I got an email from my mother yesterday complaining about her new doctor......seems he actually said "by jiminy" in her presence. As she sternly told me "I was NEVER allowed to use that kind of language as a child!"