I went to see Sex and the City with a good friend and her sister inlaw. It was my friend Lettie's 40th so the plan was to see the movie and then have cocktails. Just us and every other female in the Western Suburbs with the same plan. The inlaw was super sweet and cute, but seemed a little startled when I would try to talk with her. And when she went out of her way to sit so that Lettie was positioned between us I just assumed she was shy.

So the movie was very fun, but when I stood up to leave the theatre I felt like someone had taken a butter knife and shanked me in the head. I had to run outside to get some air before I threw up my Milk Duds. I got all dizzy and teary. When the other ladies came out I told them I had to split because some random migraine had nailed me. They were both very sweet and concerned. And if the inlaw was a little extra wide eyed when I told her about the headache I didn't pay it much attention at the time.

The next day Lettie called to make sure I was ok. She then mentioned that her inlaw wanted to know if I got those headaches often. I guess the inlaw had theorized that maybe I got the headache BECAUSE I SEE GHOSTS. And this is why she was nervous around me. It's going to take all the willpower I have got to not pretend to get all John Edwards when I see her again, "I see an H, a hhhhh. Is there someone with an H that you knew?" Or maybe I could pull some half chewed marshmallows out of my cheeks and be like, "Damnit. I hate it when the ectoplasm comes on without warning!". Poor thing. She doesn't realize I'm not a medium, just medium crazy.


Jenny, the Bloggess said...

1. I love you.

2. You are more than awesome.

3. You are also more than medium crazy.

Little Monkies said...

"Damnit. I hate it when the ectoplasm comes on without warning!".

Pure Lotta. My, my woman, you know how to get it, girl.

I love f'ing with people like that. Seriously. (bwahahahahaha!)

Lotta said...

Jenny - All 3 of your bullet points flatter me.

LM - Wish you had been with us!