Getting Ready For Daughter's Party

Me: I need you to rip Hannah Montana's legs off.

Husband: What did she ever do to you?

Me: No the doll. I need you to rip the Hannah Montana doll legs off so I can stick the torso in a cake and frost it.

Husband: (holding up hands) Whatever you're into man.

Daughter found a retro doll cake kit at an estate sale we went to. She wanted me to buy it and make a Hannah Montana doll cake for her birthday with it. So we bought it, now comes the hard part.

For some reason this doesn't look like the preparations for a 3 year old girl's birthday party.

This is the guide that I'll be using when I craft the Hannah doll cake. Expect it to look nothing like the picture when completed.

Seriously, is this appropriate underwear for a little girl's doll?

It just dawned on me that I better be careful when I cut the cake. Otherwise, Hannah's gimpy body is going to fall off the top and freak the girls out.

Tomorrow...we frost. See the finished cake here. Or here.


jen duncan said...

I think that's her tan lines.
sheesh. They oughta leave somethin' to a kid's imagination, huh?
Good luck on the cake. At first I thought it was going to be comprised of boobies!

Jamie said...

Miller light,huh? I am sorry. I mistook you for a Coors Light kind girl, like myself. I am sorry..we can no longer be friends now:))

I guess at least Hannah's wearing undies and not showing her "Britney" to everyone these days!

SoMo said...

Why not leave the legs on and give the cake more stability? Of course, I know nothing about doll cakes, so resume legging ripping.

Cindy said...

Haha! My girlfriend got roped into making one of those for her daughter's party, 'cept with that slut Barbie. Funny thing is the cake (skirt) didn't rise enough and so the doll looked like she had really short (or almost no) legs. We called it the Boxing Helena cake after that David Lynch film where some nutjob doctor amputates Sheryl Fenn's legs and then her arms.

Lotta said...

Cindy - Experiencing the same issues here. Apparently, women used to make their cakes from scratch. Because the mix didn't fill the mold up high enough. Hannah is looking kind of stumpy.

I didn't leave the legs on because..

1.) Her legs are sooo far apart. God forbid thighs touch. That it would have been into the cake too much.

But in retrospect it would have been a good idea. I could have faked a rise in the skirt with icing. Damn!

Angelina said...

Is it just me, or is that doll totally creepy?

I think my Barbie, who had NO undies on, looked more prudish than this ho with the tiny undies.

Also, again, is it just me or do those cake mounds look kind of obscene?

I swear I'm not a perv.

~Diet Goddess~ said...

Is the Miller Lite for the party or just the cake preparation part? If it's just for the cake part, can you send me that recipe? Sounds like one I should try!

Blakely said...

I saw on t.v. one time that they left the doll legs on and wrapped them in Saran Wrap. I don't know if that helps you or not.

Evil J9 said...

So I've been conned into making a number of these damn doll cakes. (Um, I am the evil Martha Stewart?)

Once again I offer suggestions.

Don't take off the legs. It really doesn't take up that much of the cake, and then kiddo gets a new barbie. Cut a very small indent in the top of the cake to accomodate the hips, and then cram the doll in there. Plus, there is a secret thrill to shoving a Barbie doll into mounds of cake. . . .

The large Pampered Chef batter bowl works PERFECTLY for the "skirt" of the doll. We had one of those pans like you used and I honestly think they were made for the 5" tall GI Joes, not the taller Barbie.

Although, I'm not sure why GI Joe would need a dress. Unless he was under the "don't ask, don't tell" rule.

Anonymous said...

I made my neice a barbie doll cake for her sixth birthday.. if i had a picture to post on here i totally would. it wound up looking like barbie was doing the limbo, because the frosting melted and slumped a bit in the heat.oh, and i did rip the legs off, but they didn't just come off, so my sweet heart of a roommate jim took it out to the garage and sawed the legs off. then i had to fess up to the sweet six year old that her auntie had to ummm give barbie a little surgery. it was hilarious. i haven't attempted another one, the universe was thinking about that exact cake when i gave birth to three barbie hating little boys. Happy birthday to your little one!!

Lotta said...

We took the legs off because otherwise the doll was way too tall for the cake. She would have tipped over. Next time I'll overfill the skirt mold and then I'll keep the doll intact.

But the cake was a big hit. I'll post pictures as soon as I recover from the party.

Hetha said...

Shit this is funny stuff. The post totally killed me, then to read these comments! Can't wait to see the pics.

mnroomom said...

A ver' talented friend of mine made a simlar cake for a talented in other ways friend (cough cough). Seems, she not only left the legs on ho Barbie, but she also included a GI Joe under the skirt. Bonus. It was the most awesome cake I have ever seen. Probably not so much for a 3 year old party, though. No. Definitely not.