My Hair's Green Like A Tree

I thought I had seen the funniest LSD video ever. But...I was wrong. It's this one. Though you need not watch past Blue Boy's scene.

Link via Neatorama


Kathi D said...

How weird. Somebody must have told them about my first acid trip.

Mamma said...

How did you know I was a evil disbeliever??

Three weeks girl!! Can't freaking wait to see you.

jen duncan said...

Good God, it's hard to believe the producer's of these old 'scared straight' videos made them with a straight face. I think I like the troll hot dog better.
I'm gonna save that "I dropped acid this morning" excuse, too. It's a good'n!

Kristi said...

That has always been my favorite episode of Dragnet. Ok, so it's the only episode of Dragnet that I've ever seen, but it's still my fave!

Hetha said...

Have you seen this one?

The ending is strange, but most of the video is pretty damn funny.

Jamie said...

LMAO! I am sitting at my yardsale..people watching..and I needed some entertainment! Now I see tracers.

I understand what he is saying..damm evil disbelievers..