Playing Dress Up

Dear Clothing Designer People,

Please cool it with the short, puffy sleeved oxfords. I feel like I'm getting ready for 7th grade choir practice.



I had no luck trying to find some nice clothes to wear to BlogHer. My ass is still in plus sizes but my top half has crossed the line to XL. But I did hit pay dirt in the perfume department. I bought Mor Flower of Narcissus and then got a generous sample of Tocca Cleopatra from Sephora.

I usually go for perfumes that smell like Ivory soap. In fact the perfect scent for me would be a blend of Dial, Ivory, new paperback books, sawdust, Bounce and Bleach. But these two perfumes are super clean, but interesting, kind of papery versus overly floral. The best scents I've smelled in a long time. In fact I won't blame you if you come up and sniff me at BlogHer. But don't believe I smell this way all the time. Usually it's a combination of deodorant, hairspray, soap and McDonalds. These are for my "pretend I actually look and smell this way" Blogher wardrobe.


Grim Reality Girl said...

YAY for you on the XL top! Even if your happy ass isn't as small as you want, you are still kicking ass lady!!!

Also, thanks for setting those clothing designer people straight. WTF are they thinking???

Don't buy new clothes for BlogHer -- wear the stuff that is too big and have everyone compliment you on how much weight you've lost ;-)
(Just kidding..... go shopping again closer to the last minute... that seems to work for me most of the time)

Rapunzel said...

And am I the only one sick to death of empire waistlines?! Supposedly "figure-friendly" they do nothing for me except make me look even more like I'm pregnant!? *shudder* Only my 18 year old size 1 daughter looks good in those things!

Jenny, the Bloggess said...


Ps. Featured on Good Mom/Bad mom on the Chronicle:

jakelliesmom said...

I'm going to have to find myself at Sephora to sniff those scents since I won't be following your scent at BlogHer. That dryer smell is one I'd love to have in a tiny bottle.

And the XL? Awesome.

Manager Mom said...

Have fun at BlogHer...I wish I could go.

Always Home and Uncool said...

Going topless would definitely bring more attention your wares, uh, writings.

Julie said...

Lotta-Have you tried "Amazing Grace" by Philosophy? It's my "signature scent", really nice and clean smelling, and not too purfume-y. My only complaint is that it doesn't last as long as I'd like it to, I even layer with the body wash, lotion and cologne. YMMV!


P.S. So glad you found something to help your son, great news!

Anonymous said...

Lotta, try New York and Company. They have generous XL size and cute, modern stuff. And cheap!!

Lotta said...

Jakes - You have to go to Anthropologie for the Narcissus one. So worth the sniff.

Julie - I ordered Clean by Avon because someone said it was just like Pure Grace but even soapier. Swoon. I bought some Inner Grace and liked it until I recognized the scent. It smelled like this "horny patch" I test marketed awhile back. You were supposed to sniff it and then it got you in the mood. Now I have a brand new bottle of Inner Grace that makes me gag.

Anon - I will, thanks!